Revolt Fitness Week Three Recap

As you know, I am a Revolt Fitness blogger and affiliate, and we just finished our third week of the program.  It was an insanely busy week here in our little corner of the world!  Until I began the Revolt Fitness program, I would have certainly fallen off the diet and exercise wagon this week with all of the commitments and activities on the to-do list.  The convenience of the prepared workouts and menu plans made it much easier for me to keep my husband and me on track during such a hectic week.  How did we do with week three on the Revolt Fitness Plan?

The Revolt Fitness program kept me organized during crazy days.  So many times, the day’s workload gets so hectic that dinner time arrives and there is either no time for preparing a last minute healthy meal—or no energy!  I think my favorite aspect of the Revolt Fitness plan is that it forces me to plan my entire week in advance.  I plan, I shop, and I cook, and prepackage everything into serving sizes early in the week— and it made dinner time SO much less stressful this week.  Without any last minute impulse purchases—or pizza or takeout—the whole family ate healthier meals the entire week. 

Early morning workouts are becoming a habit.  We begin every morning by walking the dog (which is helping his weight loss program as well), then doing our workout warm-ups, the full workout, and the cooldown.  We actually felt a little lost on our Sunday-workout-rest-day—and we were up and out of the house for grocery shopping and yard work long before we would have been before beginning the plan.  I won’t lie—there are days that find one of us pushing the other to get moving or encouraging the other to finish one last set.  But, a daily workout is becoming a daily habit—and I think we both like it!

And—what about the weight loss?  I lost an additional two pounds this week—even with some monthly, hormonal disruptions.  That brings me to around 7 pounds lost in three weeks.  My husband is down nearly 16 pounds and is seeing a noticeable change in the fit of his clothing as well.  We were both extremely active over the weekend and wouldn’t have accomplished nearly as much before changing our diet and exercise levels with Revolt Fitness.  The pounds aren’t dropping away rapidly—but, both my body and mind are changing.   

We are gaining things by following Revolt Fitness together that we cannot measure.  Confidence levels are returning.  I am seeing a noticeable difference in energy levels, motivation—and my own strength and balance have improved in only three weeks.  We are working on a lifestyle change—and it’s not easy—but, it is proving to be so worth the effort.

Would you like to see if Revolt Fitness will work for you?  Head over to the Revolt Fitnesswebsite and sign up!  Hurry and you may be able to take advantage of a free one week diet/exercise kickstart plan! 

Disclosure:  I received complimentary access to the Revolt Fitness program to facilitate my reviews.  All opinions and results are my own and are not influenced by the brand featured.

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  1. This sounds like it could help me stay on track! Thanks!
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