Ready for a Health and Fitness Plan: Revolt Fitness Program Review

We need a change here in our corner of the world—and we have needed one for some time.  We get busy and fall into some of the habits that create an unhealthy diet, decreased physical activity levels and send us into states of less than optimal health and bad moods!  We know that we need a change to our diet and exercise plan, right—so why don’t we just do it?  It’s not easy to make such a huge lifestyle change—and keep up with all of the busy, day to day activities that are necessary without help!  A few weeks ago, I was offered a complimentary opportunity to try the complete RevoltFitness program, created by Nichole Hunstman, and blog about my experiences and results for 12 weeks.  How is that for timing?  My family decided it was time for change—and we have the opportunity to try a complete diet and exercise program.  For the next several weeks, I’ll be blogging about my experiences with Revolt Fitness. 
What is Revolt Fitness and who is Nichole Huntsman?  Nichole is a NASM-CPT, who developed this program while personally transforming her own diet and body.  This program runs in 6 week cycles—and contains daily, full length workouts, daily diet and menu plans, and access to an online community supporting each other’s daily “revolution”.  The program remains current by changing and adapting every six weeks—also allowing Nichole to incorporate new techniques and research into the plan readily.
What are our initial impressions of Revolt Fitness?  My husband and I are following the diet and workout programs to the letter—and both plans are extremely easy to understand and follow.  There is flexibility in the meal plans in that program users are able to substitute comparable foods into the daily meals from a list of approved foods.  We are currently at the Beginner workout level —and the exercises/videos are well coordinated and easy to follow.  I am also enjoying the Facebook group—because diet and exercise programs can look great on paper….but, just won’t work without support.  You’ll even find Nichole answering questions—and offering tips, advice and support in the group. 
Any diet and exercise plan requires a little personal sweat, tears, willpower and determination, but, so far, I am impressed with the tools that I am given with Revolt Fitness.  The diet and workout plans are completely created for me—and every day that I have felt sore or tired or down, I have gone to the Facebook group and found others feeling something of the same—and offering tips, advice or just a sounding board! 
What to expect next?  Beginning this week, I will post my weight loss and measurements Saturday or Sunday morning.  Even if I do not see huge results on the scale or in my measurements for this first week, I know that I’m receiving benefits from simply beginning the changes that my husband and I have talked about so long.
I am really looking forward to working with Revolt Fitness over the next several weeks.  I have received a complimentary program membership to try this program and share my results and experiences.  I am sure that not all of those experiences will be shiny, happy ones—but, for the first time, in a long time, I am ready to give this a serious try.
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If you would like to learn more about Revolt Fitness and Nichole Huntsman, visit the Revolt Fitness website.  (Site Note:  The site is currently undergoing a transformation of its own--so certain portions may be down intermittently.)    
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