Revolt Fitness Review: Week One Recap

As I mentioned, I am currently following the complete Revolt Fitness program, created by Nichole Hunstman.  I wanted to share a quick recap of my experiences with the diet and exercise program.  How was our first week on the Revolt Fitness Plan?

What can I share about the diet plan for the first week of Revolt Fitness My husband and I followed the diet plan and menus fairly strictly.  I admit that there were a few days where I felt a little bored with the repetition of the diet plan--but, I was able to change veggies in my salad or spices on my steak, for example, and successfully followed the plan the entire week.  On our Saturday "free day"--where we could choose our own meals freely--we tried to stay mostly aligned with the plan (and even ate salad for lunch), but did have wine with dinner and enjoyed turkey and feta cheese on a Greek themed salad for lunch.  All in all, I was satisfied with the food selections--but, I think, looking ahead, I'll enjoy next week's menu a little more!   

Did we survive the Revolt Fitness workout plan?  We used the Beginner level exercise circuits  and tried to pace ourselves.  I really felt like the exercises gave me quite a workout every day.  Some days were more difficult than others--and I was glad to have my husband participating with me (keeping me focused and honest on my reps!).  There were some sore muscles--but, I completed every workout and, since Sunday was an exercise rest day, I feel rested and ready to begin week two!

Okay--we know that you want to hear about weight loss while on the Revolt Fitness plan.  As of Saturday morning, I lost 3.6 pounds and my husband lost 6.4 pounds.  We planned to weigh in weekly on Saturdays--but, only take measurements every two weeks.  I am already noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit, so I know that I am going to be happy with my measurements next week.

What next?  We'll participate in the Revolt Fitness daily workouts and follow the meal plan during our second week--and we'll report back next with the more results!

So far so good!  

Disclosure:  I have received a complimentary program membership to try this program and share my results and experiences.  I am sure that not all of those experiences will be shiny, happy ones—but, for now, I am looking forward to my second week of diet, exercise, and results with Revolt Fitness.

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