5 Things I have Learned about Dieting as I Blog with Revolt Fitness

As most of you know, my husband and I embarked on a diet and exercise program journey about 15 weeks ago.  When I was first approached to review the Revolt Fitness program and blog about my progress--I knew nothing about the program, I was at my personal worst level of fitness, and my family’s health (and collective waistlines) were not heading in the right direction.   Today, I thought I would share five things that I have learned (or finally realized) about dieting during my past several months on the Revolt Fitness program.

The Word Diet Isn’t Synonymous with Weight Loss.  When I hear the word diet, I think of weight loss shakes, counting points, cutting carbs, eating carrot sticks, and becoming overly stressed with mealtimes.  I’ve been looking at it all wrong!  My “diet” should be a healthy meal plan that I can eat for life.  My diet is a lifelong habit of healthy eating to maintain a healthy weight and body.  I have been “dieting” for years--but, not until the past three months did I begin to develop a healthy diet--which I can reasonably continue--and enjoy.  My diet should promote long term health--not just temporary weight loss.  A diet isn't a painful, evil state of being--it's a food lifestyle--and I missed the point of that for years!  The photo shown is our Spinach Salad with Chicken, Walnuts and Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette--a frequent healthy, lunch choice now on our dieting "free day"...and we really enjoy it!

Diet Changes Require Lifestyle Changes--and Lifestyle Changes aren’t Easy.  From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are bombarded by food marketing.  Every restaurant offers tons of unhealthy food options--but, healthy choices are not always so easy to identify.  Busy schedules make “fast food” too easy, too tempting, and too much a way of life.  It’s really not easy to battle all of the outside, unhealthy influences as you struggle to change your diet lifestyle.  

Healthy Eating is a Lot of Work.  Planning a week of healthy foods and meals is not an easy task in and of itself.  When you add in all of the prep work--on busy nights after long work days--and all of the clean up--it is certainly easy to see why so many of us fall off the diet bandwagons so quickly--and have the pizza guy on speed dial!  It’s time consuming--and our society really pushes unhealthy, convenience foods and fast foods.  If you have followed along with my past several Revolt Fitness posts, you will see that I love the plan because it forces me to plan, shop and prep most of my week’s food in advance.  Yes--it’s still a lot of work, but it really is an effective way for me to brave my daily disasters and still eat balanced, healthy meals since I know what's on the menu and can pre-prep most of it.

Food is not an Activity.  Maybe it’s just me--but, so many of our family outings and activities focused on food.  Not really on events or actual activities.  We were driven by what or where to eat.  Over the past few months, our motivations have shifted toward active activities--and food has only been a necessary tag along.  Food, restaurants, and recipes were once central to our plans.  Food was ruling our evenings and weekends.  With Revolt, we know what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner--and our focus is able to shift toward actual activities.

Stress, Sleep, Water, and Exercise are Diet’s Co-Conspirators.  A diet cannot function alone.  There are so many aspects of our overall health that we ignore.  Three months of Revolt have helped me get many of my life’s variables in check.  The changes to my diet and the increased exercise have really made a difference in my sleep patterns--and have improved my ability to cope with stress.  I'm more aware of my total health--and I am making more conscious efforts to manage the many factors in play!

I still have a long way to go with my lifestyle change.  I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds total--and two pant sizes.  My husband has lost a little over 40 pounds and is actually looking forward to his next health check-up!  My experience with Revolt has changed my perception of “diet” in such a way that I think I’m finally on the right path to changing my life.   It’s not easy--but, the tools are there.  I just need to maintain the motivation to keep picking them up and chipping away at each new day!

Disclaimer:  I no longer host Revolt affiliate links--so I will not be paid by the program.   I did receive a lifetime program membership in exchange for my blog's review of the program. 

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