Lysol Power and Free Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Products Review

I am not a fan of chemical loaded cleaning supplies--and often use a variety of homemade, natural cleaning products instead.  Chemical sensitivities bring about migraines, asthma attacks and unfavorable skin reactions with our daughters--so homemade or all natural style products are our usual, go-to cleaning supplies.  We do keep a few commercial cleaning products on hand for emergency clean-ups or for convenience sake--we just try to be selective in our product choices.  Just in time for back to school/germ overload, I was offered the opportunity to sample and review two items from the Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose cleaner line:  The  Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes in Oxygen Scent and the Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner spray in Citrus Sparkle Zest scent.  

What is the difference between Lysol Power and Free cleaners and traditional Lysol brand cleaners?  As part of the brand's "healthing" campaign, the Power & Free line still promises to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria like other Lysol products--but, this line does so with fewer chemicals--using hydrogen peroxide as the primary cleaning agent.  As a former environmental consultant--I understand chemical toxicities and still read MSDS’s for fun (sadly)--but the Environmental Working Group’s website does a nice job comparing the environmental,health and safety ratings of Lysol’s various products in an easy to read format.  While the new Power & Free line hits only a B-B+ grade--which isn’t perfect--it is significantly better than the grades previously earned by their original formulations.

Do the Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaning Products work as effectively as the traditional Lysol products?  We used the Power & Free wipes in all of the same situations as we had tried the original--and I really liked them.  The scent was clean and light and the wipe material felt much softer than usual--but, the wipe worked well for all of our clean-up jobs.  The Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner spray had a much more pleasing scent than its traditional counterpart--although the Orange Zest was not as mild as the Oxygen scented wipes.  We found that we were actually more willing to use the wipes in the small, upstairs bathroom since their scent was less overwhelming than other multi-purpose cleaners.  I saw no difference in the Power & Free products' cleaning ability.

Would we recommend Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaning products?  These products are not all natural or totally free of chemicals--but, they do make a healthier alternative to the brand’s traditional products and many of the other household cleaners readily available.  I would buy these product variations again--especially when brand-specific, school supply lists request the Lysol brand.  For those seeking healthier cleaning products without heftier price tags, the Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner offer an alternative.  Is this product 100% healthy or chemical free?  No--but, it is healthier than the brand’s regular formula and is a step in the right direction.

Disclosure:  I was provided free product samples for use in this review by BzzAgent.  As always, all of my opinions are honest and accurate of my experiences.

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