Back to School: My Job Chart Online Chore Chart for Kids Review

As relaxing summer days wind down, families find themselves reorganizing and regaining some daily, back to school structure.   If the thought of daily to-do lists, extracurricular activities, and homework joining your already hectic general household chores has you dreading the fall--it’s time to develop your plan of attack.  After years of searching for the perfect solution to assigning our girls household chores and tasks--and managing a useful reward system, I think I have finally found the ideal online chore chart solution for our family:  My Job Chart.  What is My Job Chart--and why does this online chore chart system work so well for us?

What is My Job Chart?  Just like it sounds, My Job Chart is an online chore chart for families.  Parents create profiles for the family, assign jobs from either a pre-made list or create their own jobs, adjust a point value for each task and create available rewards for points earned.  My Job Chart offers apps for both Android and Apple devices that allow everyone job chart access on the go--and it’s FREE.

Why do we love My Job Chart?
My Job Chart is 100% Customizable.  Every section of the online chore chart software offers “add your own” options.  While the lists cover many household jobs and chore options--every family has unique needs.  I was able to type in “Practice Irish Dance”--and assign points and include such tasks right along with “feed the dog”, etc.  Users can even customize all of the photos associated with the job.  Our “Feed the Dog” has a photo of our dog--which is fun for the kids and great for younger non-readers.   Reward options are customizable as well--and creating your own rewards and assigning point values is quick and easy.

 There’s an app for My Job Chart.  My family is connected to some sort of electronic device too frequently.  I am finally able to use this to my advantage!  Since the apps for this software are so user friendly--and work extremely well--the girls are more inclined to log in on the iPod and click off tasks.  The days of dry-erase chore charts and sticker sheets are gone--they just don’t appeal to techno-attached kids.

My Job Chart helps parents teach kids financial skills and goal setting.  Parents set up point values for all jobs and set required reward points for all rewards.  The program allows kids and parents to organize points earned into sections for saving, spending, and giving.  It’s a great way for even the youngest kiddos to begin to learn the value of a dollar--and the amount of work that it takes to earn one! 

The free site earns its revenue from an affiliate style arrangement.  The site allows kids and parents to create shopping rewards (like a new scooter or a laptop or a doll, etc.) from parents purchase those earned rewards through Amazon via My Job Chart allowing the site to earn affiliate commissions.  One daughter has her eye on a scooter--and the site is helping her set and achieve that reward--while also encouraging her to save for other things and help others.  It's also possible to set up non-commercial rewards--like a trip to the zoo or a family game night.

My Job Chart offers a lot of functionality for a free program.  Have I mentioned that it’s free--AND it functions amazingly well?  We have all tried “free chore charts” and online programs that require credit card storage for rewards--or fail to work when you need them to work or are difficult to use or customize.  I adore this program.  I set up the entire account, jobs and rewards for our family of five in less than an hour--and the girls have used it with ease for weeks. 

If you haven’t found the perfect solution to chore chart management--give My Job Chart a try.  I’m hoping that it helps me keep my girls (and my house!) on track once the busy, back to school season hits!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I simply found a product that I love and I wanted to share it.   

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