Book Review: Last Day by Richard LaPlante

I love a good crime drama--so when I was offered the opportunity to review Last Day by Richard LaPlante, I was hooked by the book summary.  I am pretty selective in the books to which I choose to devote my precious reading hours.  How did Last Day stand up to review?

Quick summary of Last Day by Richard LaPlante.   Undercover cop, Charlie Wolf, infiltrates the Sons of Fire motorcycle club on assignment to stop the club's distribution of methamphetamine.  As Charlie submerges himself into the underworld, he breaks more than a few of the rules of deep cover work:  he becomes addicted to the drug that he's assigned to stop and forms a friendship with Ray Sasso, the man in the lead of the gang which Wolf is expected to bring down.  Wolf suffers a brain injury in the drug bust that should have ended his undercover assignment and some unexpected plot twists and turns.  He is forever linked with Sasso by a tangle of lies and twisted loyalties--and the grey areas between their similarities and differences are muddied.  When will the two men meet again?  Will Charlie Wolf see his Last Day?

Last Day is a true page turner with complicated characters.  Charlie announces that he is preparing for his "last day"--and it pulls the reader into the plot immediately.  LaPlante does a wonderful job developing both Wolf's and Sasso's characters--neither man is a clear-cut good guy nor bad guy--both are struggling for balance and control in a complicated grey world.

Would I recommend Last Day by Richard LaPlante?  Fans of crime dramas--especially those involving the dramatic, emotional toll of undercover work should read Last Day.  Since LaPlante incorporates a bit of fantasy vs. reality as Wolf battles delusions--it offers something a little different from the usual crime fiction. This is the first book that I have read from Richard LaPlante--but, I will certainly check out his other books.  Last Day is well written with a well executed storyline and I think fans of the genre will really enjoy the book.

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 About the Author
Richard LaPlante is the author of the popular Fogarty-Tanaka series of crime fiction novels as well as three memoirs. Last Day is his first paranormal thriller and explores his longtime interest in human consciousness and the Near Death Experience. A musician and lifelong student of martial arts, Richard lives with his two sons in the sunny mountains of Ojai, CA and is a founding director of an independent publishing company, Escargot Books, where he blogs regularly. Currently, Richard is also working on Hog Fever, an Ear Movie — a movie without pictures — based upon his motorcycle memoir Hog Fever and starring Academy Award nominee Terence Stamp, produced by Grammy award winner Greg Penny and directed by British rock icon Kevin Godley.

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