Helpful Products for Moms: Mighty Handle Review

I am sure that I am not the only one who tries to heft 10 bags of groceries into my house and up a flight of stairs in one trip.  I’ve also been known to combine multiple shopping trips and errands on my outings with the kiddos--and I am generally the one left carrying all of the bags, purses, and packages.  When I recently received a sample of the Mighty Handle for review--I was actually excited to see if it literally helped me lighten my load a little as I move through my days.  How did the Mighty Handle stand up to review here in this busy mama’s corner of the world?

The Mighty Handle has a simple and safe design.    The concept of the Mighty Handle is a really simple one--it’s a durable, ergonomically designed handle molded with a lightweight, sturdy anchor for holding and carrying multiple items.  The handle fits comfortably in one hand and is designed to safely withstand hanging weight of up to 50 lbs. 

How did the Mighty Handle perform when we put it to the test?  I know that the most important question is:  did the Mighty Handle help me carry and manage my mini-van full of groceries?  After a quick, Sunday trip to a couple of grocery stores, we reached our driveway with about eight bags of groceries, a locked front door and a stairway to navigate.  We hooked the bags onto the Mighty Handle and my husband put it to the test.  At first, he said that it was much heavier than carrying the bags the “old fashioned way”--then he realized that he was carrying ALL of the bags and not just a few of them.  He had to admit that it was much easier to carry the groceries up the stairs with the Mighty Handle than without it.

I saw similar results after our second round of grocery shopping when I was able to lift the groceries from the cargo area of the mini-van in one motion--and carry everything to the front steps.  I then carefully sat the bags down, gave the Mighty Handle a twist, unlocked the front door and quickly lifted everything again for the trip up our foyer stairway.

What do we like about the Mighty Handle? 
It’s durable--and strong enough to last when used correctly with acceptable loads.

It’s dishwasher safe--and after a trip through multiple grocery stores, it’s nice to know that I can sanitize the Mighty Handle.

I LOVE that I can gather up my bags onto the handle--and sit it down without needing to re-gather the bag handles or chase produce around the car.  Just twist the handle, lie it down--and simply lift all of the bags when you are ready to move them.   It’s great for limiting trips on rainy days and for managing doors and moments when carrying is interrupted.

It’s not just for shopping bags--we also use it to help carry our daughters’ Irish dance dresses and costumes for competitions and events--and I would have loved to have had one of these in my college dorm days for moving things in and out of my 3rd and 5th floor rooms!!

Would we recommend the Mighty Handle?  I am not often a fan of most convenience products such as this one--but, I really like the Mighty Handle.  It stands up to its claims--and it fills a legitimate need in my busy household.  With a price of less than $10 for two of the Mighty Handles--I think it’s a great, inexpensive tool that most consumers could really use.  

Note:  We received a Mighty Handle sample for use in this review--and may receive compensation from affiliate linking within our posts.  All opinions are our own.

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