#ElectroluxLive Cooktop Challenge Cook-Off Recap

This post is brought to you by Electrolux, and Influenster. 

Were you able to watch the #ElectroluxLive cook-off last week on  We were lucky enough to watch—and learn a lot of great information about cooktops, induction cooking, the Electrolux brand and pick up a few tips for pan roasted cauliflower in the process!   

We wanted to take a few minutes to recap the #ElectroluxLive Cook-Off and share a bit of what we learned!

What was the #ElectroluxLive Cooktop Challenge Cook-Off?  This cook-off challenge was a fast paced, information packed webcast featuring three great blog chef personalities participating in a pan roasted cauliflower cook-off using three different Electrolux cooktops—an electric, a gas, and an induction.  The chefs chose ingredients and presentation—but, used the cooktop offered to them.  
The cook-off hosts then discussed the different cooktops—and asked the cook-off participants to share their experiences with viewers as their dishes cooked.  One lucky viewer even won a cooktop at the end of the cook-off!

Have you used an induction cooktop?  I can only say, “Wow—I want one!” after watching the cook-off.  Boiling water in 90 seconds?  That would certainly speed things up some evenings in the mad-dash for dinner after dance rehearsals!  I also loved the concept of the cooktop adjusting to fit the pan size.  The #ElectroluxLive Cooktop Challenge Cook-Off certainly opened my eyes to the different stove and cooktop options available—and I may not be so locked in on buying another gas cooktop to replace my current stove.

Who won the #ElectroluxLive cook-off?  If you missed it entirely, you can check out a video of the event from below.   (We don't want to spoil the event by telling you the winner!)

Video streaming by Ustream

I have never pan roasted cauliflower—I’ve only oven roasted it—but, it just may find its way onto my Thanksgiving side dish menu this year.  And, I may add an induction cooktop to my Christmas wish list too.

Note:  This post is brought to you by Electrolux, and Influenster.  We may receive compensation for this post and may be entered to win a cooktop.  Our opinions about these brands, products, and this event are our own.

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