Book Review and Author Spotlight: The Carnival of Death by L. Ron Hubbard

I love mysteries and old detective stories--so much so that I have amassed a growing collection of old detective magazines from antique shops and book stores over the years.  While I had heard of author L. Ron Hubbard, I had never read of any books.  Recently, I was offered the opportunity to review The Carnival of Death and Fear, both included in the Golden Age Stories from Galaxy Press.  What did I think of Carnival of Death?

Note:  I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review--but, all opinions are my own.

A Quick Summary of The Carnvial of Death by L. Ron Hubbard. In the movie The Big Sleep, Bogart as Philip Marlowe follows a trail of decadence and murder on the dark side of L.A. But even that pales in comparison to the freak show found by undercover U.S. narcotics agent Bob Clark . . . in The Carnival of Death. Clark’s investigation begins with cocaine and leads to two headless corpses. Who is behind the slaughter? There are plenty of distractions—bright lights and beautiful girls—but Clark better find the murderers fast. Because the next head that rolls could be his own! (This book also includes a second story:  Death Flyer).

Fans of pulp fiction and old detective magazines will enjoy The Carnvial of Death. While The Carnival of Death is the primary story—I actually enjoyed The Death Flyer a bit more. I really do like old-style detective magazine stories—even if they are a little hokey or cheesy. While the two stories in Hubbard's book are short and quick to read—they do hold the readers’ interest, and Hubbard does strive to add realism and real crime solving while entertaining and staying true to the style.

Would I recommend The Carnival of Death? For fans of pulp fiction or vintage detective tales, I think The Carnival of Death by L. Ron Hubbard delivers action, mystery, and a little bit of fear. While I didn't review the audio drama version of this book, I do think an old style radio show would be a fun way to experience The Carnival of Death and Death Flyer!

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Born March 13, 1911, L. Ron Hubbard lived a life at least as expansive as the stories with which he enthralled a hundred million readers through a fifty-year career.

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This book is part of the Galaxy Press Stories from the Golden Age by L. Ron Hubbard.

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