Wordless Wednesday Link-Up: Define Spoiled

 It's time for our first Wordless Wednesday link up of April!  We missed everyone last week--so be sure to link up and share your latest Wordless Wednesday posts!

It's been another cold, rainy, yucky few days again here in our little corner of the world.  We are all a little tired of the rain and the chill--but it's been a little rough on the dog.  He can smell Spring.  He knows it's out there--and desperately wants to sniff it for hours.  Even in cold downpours.  After a trip outside (that took about 5 minutes too long), he was cleaned up and mostly dried off--but still shivering.  One of the girls wrapped her coat around him when she arrived from school and he didn't budge for almost 20 minutes.  Every now and then, he'd peek out from beneath the fuzzy hood, scan the room, then burrow back under.

Spoiled?  Ahhh.....could be.....
Max may be spoiled.  But--he'd like a clear definition--because he's pretty sure that he is just well-loved. 

Its your turn to link up your latest #WW posts and enjoy your week!

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  1. Max seems very happy and also cute heheh!

  2. So Cute!!!
    We all have our weakness :)

  3. LOL, my dog has a winter coat, too. Hey, he gets cold.

  4. He looks so Snugged in the coat.. must be really enjoying being in it.

  5. He is spoiled and looks like he is enjoying it! Cute!

  6. Who wouldn't want to spoil him?!

    «Louis» thanks you for linking with his Wordless Wednesday.

  7. With a face that cute, of course he's spoiled!
    Very cute!

  8. How sweet of your daughter to do that! Pets are supposed to be spoiled! :) Our cats make sure they are!

  9. aw, that is so cute. and totally his colour. :)

  10. What a cutie pie!!!
    Thanks for the linky :)

  11. So cute! We had little coats for our dogs, but we can't find them! AGH! My daughter loves putting clothing on our dogs.

  12. Maybe just a little spoiled, but DEFINITELY well loved! :) Love it! That's something that's happened in our house, too - but our dogs aren't smart enough to stay and snuggle... ;)

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