A Day with Max--a Tall Tails Classic Pet Bed Giveaway and #TallTailsAdventures

Our dog,  Max, is the baby of the family—even though one of the cats is now officially the youngest.  Max is my constant, daily companion—and is a frequent focus of our Wordless Wednesday posts.  We try to include Max in as many of our daily adventures as possible—even if my Wordless Wednesday posts make it seem like he’s always asleep!  He is a really important, and active, part of our family!  We were recently offered the opportunity to give away a Tall Tails Classic Pet Bed to one lucky reader and thought it would be the perfect time to share a little more of our "baby", Max!   Take a closer look at our blog's top dog--and enter to win a Tall Tails Classic Pet Bed for your own favorite pup via the Rafflecopter entry at the end of the post!

We didn't really plan to adopt a hound dog.  We went to an animal shelter in Southern Ohio a few months after Bear, our 16 year old Pomeranian, was put down.  The area had been hit with a pretty severe economic downturn and the shelter was overflowing.  We went to adopt a puppy who would grow up with our girls.  There were some absolutely adorable yellow and black lab puppies available.  We were going to adopt one.   Uh.  We were.  Then--we met Max.  The second he gave me his wrinkled, hound dog face--framed by those ears--he had me hooked.  I couldn't leave without him.  It helped also that the yellow lab puppies tried to bite my husband and the black lab puppies ate his shoe.  Literally.  While we didn't plan to adopt a hound dog--I don't think my home will ever be complete without one now.  Max is just the best dog ever.

You can take a hound dog to the city....but...

Max loves to hang out inside with the family--but, he also loves to explore the outdoors.  He is at his happiest when running along a wooded trail or plunging through a shallow creek.  

He loves to run and chase the girls or anything else that catches his eye.  He is guided by his snout--and there is literally not a mud puddle, creek or trail that he doesn't love to sniff.  

As much as he loves to sniff--he does love to sleep or lounge around.  I may not entirely exaggerate when I say that he may sleep 18 hours a day...some days.  If there isn't somewhere to go or something to do--he finds a spot to rest up for the next adventure.

Sometimes (most of the time) in bed....on my pillow...

Sometimes on his Tall Tails Classic Bed

Sometimes with his favorite toy....

Or with his favorite partners in crime...

  Or even on Grandpa's bed when he's visiting Grandma & Grandpa...

We love to keep him healthy, happy and ready for adventure.  Sniffing, running, and miles of outdoor adventures take a lot out of a dog.  We always try to make sure that Max is up to date on his vet visits, eats quality food (although he could probably use a few more hikes and a few less treats these days), and has quality bedding and pet products.  I love that Max loves his Tall Tails pet bed--and I love even more that it is easy to clean (machine washable and dryable), lightweight enough to pack along for stays at Grandma's house or the kennel--and that the bed seems durable enough to stand up to Max's lounging!   

We love Max wholeheartedly--and cannot imagine life without him!  It's not ALL sleeping around here--there are a few fun and games too along the way!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tall Tails and we are participating in a sponsored campaign for the brand through our affiliation with The Niche Parent Network of bloggers. All opinions and experiences shared about this brand in our post are our own.  

A little about Tall Tails... In addition to the Velboa Classic Pet Bed that Max loves—Tall Tails offers a variety of other bed styles, blankets, throws, and towels for dogs. The company also supports dogs in a variety of hardworking jobs by activities such as donating beds for military dogs or supplying warm blankets for hard charging dogsled teams. All in all, we are pretty impressed with the company and its products and would certainly recommend them.

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  1. Our dog's favorite place to sleep is on top of the lazy boy recliner and look out the window.

  2. It depends on the weather. If it's hot they go lay in their kennel on the cool floor, if it's cold they are usually up on the couch!!

  3. My boys love to sleep on a blanket on the couch or snuggled on the bed with a pillow.

  4. Mine loves to sleep on the top of the couch

  5. Siren likes the couch the best!
    Carly D.

  6. My dog loves to sleep with me in between the sheets and comforter at night. During the day she likes to sleep on top of the couch as she can see out the window there.

  7. my dog love to sleep on my bed

  8. on my bed when I'm not looking ;-)

  9. Our dog loves sleeping in his dog beds in different rooms around the house. At night he sleeps in his large kennel (he is a medium size do) and has room to stretch out in his "lair." On hot days he may just sprawl out on the hardwood floor.

  10. my dogs favorite place to sleep in the bed with me and shes a big collie mix so she takes up half the bed haha

  11. My dog loves to sleep in the living room while we watch tv or hang out!

  12. Jaxson likes to sleep at the foot of our bed and nap under the bed. Bella sleeps next to me under the covers.

  13. I have 2 dogs - Jack likes to sleep next to my bed, but MayMay's preferred nap spot is inside my walk-in closet! She seems to think it's her own personal indoor doghouse!

  14. She loves to sleep with mommy or right by the door, waiting for dad to come home :)

  15. My little Elle Mae's favorite place to sleep is right by me if I'm laying down, and if I'm not laying down, she likes to jump up on the back of the couch to sleep

  16. He sleeps on the floor beside my husband (when we're in bed). Otherwise, wherever we are....he's not picky.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  17. Peanut's favorite place to sleep is laying right in front of the fireplace.

  18. Our dog logs to move around, but he mostly likes his bed in the living room or my bed!

  19. they like to sleep in different places I have a leather recliner they like to sleep in right now

  20. Spooky's favorite place to sleep is in my lap. She also takes up so much room in our bed and she is only a Yorkshire Terrier!

  21. My dog sleeps in the bed on the pillows



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