Technology Product Review: The Snugg iPad Case Review

While iPads and iPods are wonderful (and necessary) little pieces of technology--protecting their greatness is just as important as making sure that they are loaded with all of the necessary apps and functionality.  When my middle school aged daughter was asked to supply either a laptop or an iPad for school this year--we felt that a lightweight iPad would be better suited for her needs (and her size!)  We also knew that protecting that little piece of technology would be necessary to both her school work and our budget!  We were recently offered the opportunity to review an iPad case from The Snugg--and we were pretty excited to see how it stands up to a middle school backpack and middle school needs.

The Snugg offers colors to suit a variety of tastes.  While our daughter is rather attached to lime green--we opted for something a little different and a little lavender/purple for the executive leather iPad case of our review.  This way--if she didn't like it--her mom would be able to take it off her hands.  In the end--she loved the color.  It was a bit darker than it appeared online--so it was a hit!

Was The Snugg iPad case easy to use?  My daughter could put her iPad into her previous case by herself.  It's too hard for her fingers to pop it completely into the shell style case.  The Snugg case was a breeze.  She slipped it in (securely) herself and was ready to use it within a few seconds.  She loved the sturdy structure of the case.  She even found the "stand" easier to assemble and prop the iPad up for upright viewing.  Her only drawback was that the holes for both the volume and the power buttons were a little more difficult to access through the case than the thinner case to which she was accustomed.  After a few days; however, I think she adapted to the hole size around the buttons and doesn't seem to notice any difference now.  The case is a little heavier and thicker than many of the lightweight, shell cases on the market--but, I would prefer that the case be sturdy than thin.

How did The Snugg protect the iPad?  My daughter felt much more secure stuffing her iPad into her backpack, into her locker, into her dance bag, etc. with The Snugg case.  She felt that it offered much more protection than her current shell case.  We saw no problems with the case's durability or functionality over our weeks of use.  There weren't even any visible scuff marks or cosmetic damages after her daily usage.

Would we recommend The Snugg iPad Case?  My daughter hates change.  Literally.  When I noticed that she was willing to make a permanent switch to this case from her "favorite" case--it spoke volumes about the functionality and quality of the The Snugg iPad Case.  I would certainly recommend it.  I agree (as a parent) that it is much more structurally sound than many of the other iPad cases or covers that we have tried.  Although she isn't an "executive" or business professional--the slots and storage availability serve her purpose for id's, library cards, classroom program passwords, etc.  I would recommend this for users seeking a sturdy, well constructed, iPad Case for either adult or child usage.  We have used this case for several weeks--it's been dropped--it's been shoved into lockers, bags, and bins--we have used the stand on the back for nightly video viewing with no weakening of the prop.  If you are in the market for a tablet case--take a look at The Snugg.

We received a sample of The Snugg iPad 4 Case shown above for use in our review.  All opinions and experiences are our own.

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