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I have been searching for a juice box alternative upon which both the girls and I can agree!  I hate the ingredient lists on most traditional juice pouches—and the girls aren’t always fans of some of the healthier alternatives that we’ve tried.  While we can all agree on water or organic juices from a reusable bottle—sometimes the girls want something a little more “fun”—and something a little more “mainstream” like the drinks in their friends’ lunchboxes.  We recently had the opportunity to sample and review good2grow™ juices for kids through our affiliation with BzzAgent.  What did we think of good2grow™? 

What does this mom like about good2grow™ juice for kids?  good2grow™ offers a V-Blend, which is a medley of fruit and vegetable juices in either a tropical medley or strawberry kiwi, an Apple Juice, a Fruit Punch, and an organic Apple Juice variety.  The good2grow juices are non-gmo, and they have no added sugars, colors, preservatives or artificial flavorings.  While I know that water is the best choice for the girls—the good2grow juices let me offer them something that I feel better about serving than the usual juice boxes available.  I also love the SippaTop caps—they come in a fun assortment of popular characters (SpiderMan, Dora, SpongeBob, Barbie, Monsters Inc., etc.)—and they are spill proof, dishwasher safe, and BPA free too.

What do the girls like about good2grow™ juice for kids?  Both girls love the apple juice.  Their first comment was that it tastes like “real” apple juice.  They enjoy the taste of the vegetable blend and the fruit juices—and with so many toppers to choose from, even the older one was able to find one that was still fun (and cool enough to use in public).  

Would I recommend good2grow™ juice for kids?  A look into almost every lunch box at my daughters' schools shows me that it is not easy to pack a healthy lunch that the kids will eat!  Cookies, chips, processed foods, soda, and similar items are readily available—even from the cafeteria lunch line!  There is a lot of peer pressure happening during lunchtime!  I love it when I find a product that I can feel good about serving the girls and that they want to eat or drink.   good2grow™ juice hits the mark with our family. 

The girls read the nutrition information on the good2grow™ website—and they actually request it over other juice drinks or sweetened drinks now.  Both girls—even my picky one—love the taste and find the character toppers fun.  They are a little pricier than traditional juice pouches—because they are NOT traditional juice pouches.  I would certainly recommend the good2grow™ juices to anyone seeking to revamp the juice drink trend and offer something a little healthier while keeping it kid friendly and fun.

Would you like to win a good2grow™ birthday party?  For a limit time, you may register to win a fun  good2grow birthday party complete with drink toppers of your choice—and an extra $500 courtesy BzzAgent and good2grow.  Simply visit the good2growcontest page to enter!

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Disclosure:  I received free and discounted samples of this product through my affiliation with BzzAgent.  All opinions and experiences are my own.

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