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I had not read anything from author Johnny Ray--but, I had heard many great comments about the first book in this series, HER HONOR'S BODYGUARD.  Every so often, an author draws me into a storyline and creates such an attachment with his characters, that I want to keep reading along with them.  HER HONOR'S BODYGUARD by Johnny Ray was a book that I was almost sad to finish.  I jumped at the chance to review RESCUING HER HONOR, a sequel to HER HONOR'S BODYGUARD.  What did I think of RESCUING HER HONOR?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

Quick Summary of RESCUING HER HONOR by Johnny Ray.  Noella thought they had stopped the stalkers, and several corrupt governmental factions who wanted her to step down from being a judge. That is until the treats reappeared. Vance, her bodyguard turned fiancĂ©e also thought so. But then again, many secrets are still hidden deep inside a safety deposit box in Switzerland. While going to receive Vance’s inheritance in Zurich could be a dream vacation for this now engaged couple, who only want to work out some serious conflicts in their wedding and careers, sinister politicians and crooked cops have other plans waiting for them in Europe. This is the much anticipated follow up novel to HER HONOR'S BODYGUARD. Since the reviews were great, and the fans were demanding more, it was a great novel to work on, including a trip to Zurich where the novel unfolds.

RESCUING HER HONOR is engaging to the end.  RESCUING HER HONOR catches the reader's interest--and keeps the pages turning with a nice blend of action, suspense, and romance. This book does not move as quickly as the first book, so it did take a bit longer to hook me.  Once it did, there is such a well rounded blend of romance, mystery, and action that fans of any of those book themes will enjoy the story and stay glued to the pages through to the end.

Ray develops excellent characters and flowing storylines.  It isn't easy to pull a reader so deeply into the lives of fictional characters--but, Johnny Ray does it very well.  His writing style creates visual scenes and well developed characters that not only pull readers into the book--but, leave them wanting to continue the characters' next adventures.

Would I recommend RESCUING HER HONOR?  I would recommend both Her Honor's Bodyguard and RESCUING HER HONOR.  While the second book could certainly be read without the first one, I think the reader gains an appreciation for the characters' stories in the first book that adds greatly to the second book (especially through the beginning).  I enjoyed both books and will certainly look for not only other books from this series in the future--but, for other books from Johnny Ray as well.   



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As an avid traveler and international businessman conducting business worldwide for years he has made many interesting contacts and received numerous awards for top sales production. He loves radio and TV talk shows, as well as speaking in front of various audiences. Feel free to contact him if you need a guest speaker. When it comes time to play, he is very active in many sports including dancing, swimming, tennis, biking, and skiing. While he loves a life full of action and adventures that are new, interesting and challenging, making friends that share his passions is a special gift. Johnny was born in Texas, raised in Alabama, but now loves living in Clearwater, Florida where he works full time as a writer. He can be often found in one of the hundreds of coffee shops along the beach working on his next international thriller, murder mystery, or perhaps a contemporary romance novel that is guaranteed to be full of action and adventure you should expect from a romantic suspense novel. His signature combination, however, is international romantic thrillers.

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