Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Tick Season

I met my husband for a walk in a park near his office while our youngest was at dance camp today.  As we neared the trail, he pointed out a sign that I needed to read.  There were big 12 x 12 inch signs at every trail entrance at the park.  It's Tick Season...*sigh*...yep...every year...Then I noticed the fine print....and decided that this one was worthy of a Wordless Wednesday Link Up. 

Tick Season Warning....

My neighbor's Chihuahua should be relieved to know that even Ohio woods do not grow ticks of this scale.  Of course, I suppose, it would be much easier to do a tick check of the dog and cats if these suckers were really the size of my hand.   I don't think tweezers would be very effective; however, in the removal process.  Kitchen tongs maybe?

Uh... Yeah..

While we mocked the stupidity of the sign disclaimer.....we realized (unfortunately) that all disclaimers serve a need (much like the directions on deodorant).  Someone (maybe even more than one) must have asked for clarification at some point....or park officials had reason to expect the need to clarify with wasted ink, thought, and taxpayer dollars....

Yep.  I think that's scarier than tick season as we roam the world around us...

Enjoy your Wednesday--and Please--link up--although we are are running frazzled and late this week!!  It's busy and beautiful here in our little corner of the world today--but, we'll check in to see your latest Wordless Wednesday posts!

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  1. LOL! A bit funny, but yeah, it's very important to stay safe!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I didn't even think about tick season but yes, we need to be careful. We've been spending lots more time outdoors so I'll have to keep this in mind. Thanks for the party, too and now following on Pinterest. :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your humorous WW post. How funny the park service felt a need to put such a disclaimer, but there are morons out there who would not know this. I'm sorry for the late visit, but life has been on hold due to the death of my sweet MIL. I am settling into normalcy once again and while we are sad, we know our loved one has gone on to a better place. Thanks for joining my WW linky party. BTW, I have named you this week's featured photographer. My post is set to go live @8pm tonight. Congrats!



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