Book Review: Blood Promise A Death Angel Novella Book 2 by Ashley Robertson

BloodPromis I can't resist the lure of a good vs. evil story.  While I have not read the first book in Ashley Robertson's A Death Angel series; I was drawn in to the second book  by so many positive reviews for the first book!  What was my review of Blood Promise by Ashley Robertson?

I received a complimentary copy of this ebook for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

Quick Summary of Blood Promise:  A Death Angel Novella Book 2 by Ashley Robertson.  Death brought them together… …Now Death may tear them apart. After a couple blissful months exploring their new relationship—while balancing their hectic soul-guiding jobs—Deacon and Mia are faced with their biggest threat yet. Fellow Death Dealers are being murdered and the one thing they know for sure is that no human is capable of such a thing. Their cryptic Death Angel boss has some answers, and discovering them could put Mia in more danger than ever before. The battle between good and evil wages on and time is of the essence to find the killer before another murder can happen. But learning their identity sends shock waves throughout the underworld, and the threat of an apocalypse looms. When Mia finally uncovers the reason her Death Angel boss saved her from dying, her life is turned upside down… and now the whole world depends on her to save it.

Blood Promise is a quick, fast paced story.  Blood Promise is a novella and the author does a great job diving directly into the action and delivering a full story in a small package.   The storyline moves very quickly with simplistic details and dialogue; but the author is certainly able to bring readers (even those who skipped the first book) up to speed with her characters and their plights.

Blood Promise is an easy read--but, is geared toward adults.  The simple texts flow quickly and easily and, at times, seem like a young adult book--but, the subject matter, language and steamy sex scenes are intended for an adult audience.

Would I recommend Blood Promise by Ashley Robertson?  I had a few doubts about the book in the early pages--but, once I settled into the author's writing style and adjusted my expectations from a detail loaded novel to a fast paced novella, I liked the book.  It's loaded with language, violence, sex, and, of course, death--and since it's such a short read--those items appear in rapid order, so it's not a book for everyone and it's not a book to share with tweens and younger teens.   While Blood Promise is a sequel, readers will not be lost without the first book.  The author does a wonderful job connecting the books' storylines and bringing readers up to speed with a large story in a small space. 

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