New #FiberOne Streusel Bars, Meal Bars and Cookie Review

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While we don't eat a lot of convenience foods, we do keep them on hand for last minute, grab and go snacks or breakfasts.  We travel a lot for dance competitions and work assignments--so we sometimes need something quick, portable and filling for snacking and meals between destinations. We recently had the opportunity to review a few of the new options from Fiber One.  How did the new  Fiber One Strawberry Streusel Bars, Fiber One Dark Chocolate Almond Meal Bars and the new Fiber One Chocolate Chunk Soft Baked Cookies stand up to our family's review?

Fiber One Dark Chocolate Almond Meal Bars

We usually really like Fiber One bars--whether as a meal replacement or as a quick soccer or dance snack.   The new Fiber One Meal Bar offers 10 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber--with 6 grams of sugar.  Since they are so high in fiber--I generally have to remind the girls to not eat more than one a day as they usually love the flavor combinations.The Dark Chocolate Almond Meal Bar was a little different.

The Fiber One Meal Bar is very dense--with whole, crunchy almonds--and little spice or flavors beyond the slightly bitter dark chocolate.  We were disappointed by the little flavor, a stronger-than-usual "grain smell", and a less than pleasing texture.  We ate them as an afternoon snack during a dance competition trip--and they were definitely our least favorite of any Fiber One product we've tried.  

Fiber One Chocolate Chunk Soft Baked Cookies

These were a little more of a hit--especially with the  husband.  The girls and I were a little put off by the "fiber-rich-grainy" smell and the hard chocolate chunks in the soft cookie.  My husband; however, liked the texture and didn't seem to notice the scent as much as we did.  He also liked that the cookie satisfied his cookie cravings with just one cookie.  The cookies contain 20% of your Daily Value of Fiber and they are individually packaged for easy on-the-go convenience.

Fiber One Streusel Bars

These were new to us as we hadn't tried anything from Fiber One like them before.  We have had other streusel style bars from other brands--so we sort of had some expectations.  How were the Fiber One Strawberry Streusel Bars?

These were, across the board, a hit with all of us.  The texture was nice, the flavors worked well together--and they were satisfying as a grab and go breakfast.  I would certainly buy these again for the whole family.  They work great as a dance weekend snack for roadtrips--and I can count on everyone to eat them.

Final thoughts on the new offerings from Fiber One.  The results were hit and miss for our family.  like the fiber/protein/calorie mix for snacks and light meals--I just didn't enjoy the flavors as much as I have in past Fiber One products.  The meal bars earned a resounding thumbs down--and I doubt that I would buy those again without some major flavor improvements.  The cookies were okay--but, were enough of a hit for my husband that I would probably keep a box on hand for him.  The streusel bars were the favorite and I have already purchased replacement boxes of those.    I would recommend the streusel bars for the whole family, the cookies for grown ups--and maybe opt for a different flavor combination in  trying the meal bars.

These products are available at Target stores and other participating retailers.

Disclosure :  I received the full sized samples shown and the information provided from General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.”

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