November Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Invisibility

We have four cats and feature them often in our Wordless Wednesday posts--we we thought we'd take a look at Gina, the one less likely featured over the years.  Elsa--the latest addition to the family--brought an all too real meaning to the "curious cat" phrase.  Gina, our oldest at a little over 12 years old, is rarely amused or pleased with the other cats--and particularly dislikes Elsa....especially if Elsa seems happy.  Gina is typically out of sight--but, when she's in sight, everyone (kids, dogs, and cats alike) knows to leave her alone or expect to be bitten or whacked with a few good swats. I'm not sure if Gina thinks she is invisible in her latest "hiding spot"....or if she assumed that Elsa is too dumb to notice her. 

The Vanishing Gina

I guess since she can't see us...we cant see her, right?  Elsa, who is generally terrified of Gina, actually didn't seem to notice her....most of the morning.  We all wondered what Gina was plotting from behind her curtain....

Thanks for Outing Me...

She literally kept looking (glaring) at me (and the camera) from beneath the curtain...then she'd hide...then peek out at me again.  This could be the GO AWAY through gritted teeth stare.....of course it could also be the ENOUGH WITH THE #$%^@ CAMERA stare....or it could be the DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE WAITED TO PUSH HER OUT OF THE WINDOW? stare....

Disclaimer...Gina may have anger management issues.  She hates the cats.  She hates the kids.  She really hates the dog.  She used to try to suffocate the husband in his sleep.  But, as soon as she is alone with me--she's in my lap purring..and you would never guess she's completely psychotic.  (We won't tell anyone--but, she may be my favorite!)

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  1. Ahhh what a kitty, they do have a mind and personality of their own. It all has to be their ideas on how things work. Have a great day!!

  2. Ah, I love kitties. Thanks for hosting!

  3. She sounds awful. I'm always on the dog's side.

  4. Really playful and cute! Peek-a-boo!

  5. LOL, a great choice of a hiding spot... Thanks for the giggles! ;)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!



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