November Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Fall Decor

It's Fall in Ohio.  Unfortunately--someone forgot to remind Mother Nature--so we had our first accumulating snowfall of the year.  Our girls had school without any delays--but, many schools around us were closed or delayed for the day.  I thought I would share our latest outdoor "Fall Decor" as this week's Wordless Wednesday Link up!

It Looked a Little Like Christmas...

 Everything blanketed with heavy, wet snow....

....But, some trees were still "decorated" for Fall!

 Maybe we won't be raking that last bag or two of leaves this year!

While the trees were beautiful and the girls had fun playing in the was perfect "snowball snow"....not everyone was happy about the overnight change in season.

I think Fluffy's face summed it up for me...
After a few longing looks at his favorite snow covered trees--he moped off to bed with the dog.  Fluffy and I may not agree on much--but, I think our feelings toward an early winter are mutual.

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  1. Wow, call me crazy, but I love winter. The photo of the leaves still on the tree is amazing, it looks like one of those photoshop pics, fantastic photos!!!
    Have a warm day!!!

  2. Beautiful scenes love the cat's look on his face heheh! he reminds me of a cat I had he looked just like that :-)

    Have a snowtastic week :-)

  3. Great shots. I have never experienced a snowfall in my life.

  4. Thank you for visiting and sharing at I always look forward to your visits. It's fun to look at what you've been seeing through your lens.
    Have a great week,

  5. Looks about the same at my house in Orillia Ontario. I hear this winter is going to be worse than last years.

  6. The snow looks beautiful, but I am not a big fan of winter. Out here in Chicago it has been extremely cold. The temperatures are so low that it is dangerous to go outside. Have a terrific day!

  7. I didnt know that I'd say this but I miss snow. We hadnt had any last year so it will be nice to have them this year just so may son can experience them =)

  8. the contrast in colours is beautiful!

  9. There is something amazingly beautiful about snow on trees until the trees take out the power lines.

  10. Beautiful shots! I love those trees with the yellow leaves and the snow...

  11. Looks more like Christmas the Fall.


  12. I love how pretty the snow looks, I hate how disruptive it is. I have a colleague that is wishing all the US snow to come over here, I had to remind her that our English roads are never prepared enough and driving to and from work will be potentially lethal!



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