Saving on Cable and Satellite TV, Internet, and Phone Bundles

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Advances in digital communications technology have brought more options to consumers: choice in cable, satellite, and fiber-optic technologies, more flexibility in service contracts, and the option of bundling several services through a single provider. You can now order TV, internet, and phone service from one company.

You can save hundreds of dollars every year by bundling multiple services through a single provider. Most providers will discount the monthly fees for the combination, up to 40% off of the total you would pay if you bought all of the services separately. Most providers will offer additional discounts for limited periods- usually three months to a year- for new customers. Such offers almost always require long-term commitments, though, usually one year to three years.

Wireless phone service offers several advantages over traditional land line phones. For example, you are likely to get more than a dozen calling features, including caller ID, call forwarding, three-way calling, call blocking, anonymous calling, unlimited domestic airtime, discounted international calls, and virtual voice mail that you can check from any internet- enabled device.

Internet service available in bundle deals is usually tailored for the subscriber’s level of usage. For light web surfing, a download speed of 2 MB/S may be adequate. For studying online, for working from home, or for moderately heavy video downloads, 30 MB/S may be more suitable. You may need even more speed if your family will have multiple devices connected to the web at once, if you play multiplayer interactive games, or if you frequently download videos or large files. It’s easy to find out how much speed your family’s usage will require. Most internet service providers offer free online bandwidth meters, so you can check your connection speed any time.

In comparing cable and satellite TV service providers, you will be wise to compare channel packages, not just monthly fees. A low price is no bargain if you’re not receiving the channels you want. You may also want to look into advanced equipment and services: HD receivers, for ultra-sharp picture and sound; DVRs, so you can record your shows and can pause and rewind live TV; video on demand; and sling or mobile transfer technology, so you can watch your shows on a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone while away from your home.

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