Activz Organic Mango Whole Powder is a Great Alternative to Fresh Mangoes

My husband and I love mangoes in everything from salads and salsas to ice cream and smoothies.  Living in Ohio; however, means that fresh, local mangoes aren’t really available at the local farmers’ market!  When we do find mangoes at a reasonable price in the supermarket—they are either far from ripe or far too ripe.  

If I manage to get a good batch of fresh mangoes, I freeze as much as I can for use during times of the year when the selection is not so great.  I was recently offered the opportunity to sample Activz Organic Mango Whole Powder.  A certified organic, GMO free, dried Mango powder would certainly solve my fresh mango dilemma—and save me some of the freezer-mango-prep time.  Is Organic Mango Whole Powder a good substitute for fresh mangoes?

I received a sample of this product for use in this post and review.  All opinions are my own.  As with many of our posts; this post may contain affiliate linking from which small commissions may be earned.

Organic Mango Whole Powder is really simply dried and powdered mangoes.  There are no preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors added.  I think I was expecting a fruit punch scent and a bright yellow color—but, the powder has a grainy, light mango scent and a yellowish/brown, more natural hue.  Right away, I was excited to taste the Activz Organic Mango Whole Powder! 

How did Activz Organic Mango Whole Powder taste?  We used the powder in smoothies, in a banana/coconut milk faux ice cream, muffins, and in a fruit salsa for fish.    The flavor was that of mangoes—not overly ripe, sweet mangoes—but, mangoes.  It blended easily into recipes—and it worked wonderfully as a thickening ingredient in our banana/mango spin on non-dairy, “ice cream”.  I missed the texture of the fresh mango in the salsa—but, I was able to slip the powder into homemade banana muffins for the girls without any detection (or resistance) from them.

Would I recommend Activz Organic Mango Whole Powder?  Activz Organic Mango Whole Powder is a great alternative to fresh mangoes.  An 8.7 oz container of the mango powder is equal to 3 ¼ pounds of fresh mangoes.  I don’t have to worry about freezer space for long term storage—or about spoilage or less than ideal fresh fruit.  Obviously, it’s not a substitute for fresh bits of fruit in recipes—but, as a healthy mix in for cereals, muffins, ice cream, sauces, salad dressings, or a “sneak-in ingredient”—it is a hit with our family!  It is also a convenient product for emergency food storage as well.  I would certainly recommend this product for smoothies, sauces, & dressings.

Activz Organic Mango Whole Powder is part of a much larger line of fruit and vegetable powders and whole food nutrition products.  I noticed that they also carry a hormone free protein shake mix as well.  

For more information about Activz Organic Mango Whole Powder or other Activz products:
Visit the Activz Website , check out the Activz Products , and even pick up a few recipe ideas for the various fruit and vegetable powders.

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