5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

This is a guest post.

In the past, networking required going to conferences, attending professional mixers, and meeting people one-on-one. Today, most networking can be done online, with just a few in-person events thrown in here and there. Here’s how to market your brand and connect with other people on LinkedIn.

Utilize your profile to the best of its ability, whether you setup a business page or are using a personal profile on LinkedIn. A good example is Shahram Shirkhani's profile. Think of your LinkedIn profile as an extended resume, albeit one that can be a bit less formal and more conversational than a traditional resume. To make the most of it, fill it out thoroughly.

Ask colleagues, current clients, and former clients to give you recommendations. In this way, you can get help from others when it comes to selling yourself. If you don’t want to ask for a recommendation flat out, offer a recommendation first. Often, people will want to return the favor. Also, you can request recommendations for the positions you’ve had, as well as for some of your college experience. There’s no limit to how many recommendations you can get or should have.

Showcase yourself as an expert in your field. If you already have a personal profile that you use effectively, consider setting up a business page to further promote your brand. For people who run a business, it’s ideal to have both kinds of pages. People prefer to work with professionals who are experts and influencers in their field. By showing your expertise, you can show how credible you really are. Answer questions on the platform’s “Question and Answer” section and use the built-in publisher to post articles about trending topics in your industry. When you use the Question and Answer tool, your answers become part of your profile, which your connections can see. Also, join groups that are related to your industry and get involved in conversations.

Link out to your other social media accounts.
You can sync both your Twitter account and a blog with LinkedIn. Whenever you publish something new on either platform, LinkedIn will be automatically updated. For those who want to connect with you elsewhere, your Twitter, website, and blog links will be easily accessible.

Use LinkedIn to seek out in-person networking events in your area. Most major cities will have listings of networking events. You can use LinkedIn to start making connections ahead of time. That way, you won’t be with total strangers when the event occurs.

Thanks to LinkedIn, people can now connect with other businesses and potential customers both locally and globally.

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