Have you Entered Activz Healthy Mother's Day Giveaway?

Have you tried Activz fruit and vegetable powders? I will admit--when I was first approached to review Activz Mango Powder last year--I was a little skeptical. The ease and convenience of a powdered, whole fruit (available during any season) caught my attention immediately--but, I had my reservations.  How would these powdered fruits and veggies taste?  Would the texture allow for easy blending? Any doubts were soon lost as the the Activz brand quality and flavor were easy sells to even my picky eaters in their morning smoothies, desserts, and other favorite recipes. Activz has a great giveaway going on in honor of Mother's Day--and you still have time to enter! This is a wonderful way to try some of these convenient, organic, fruit and vegetable powders--and discover many new recipe ideas in their amazing recipe book!

A little about Activz fruit and vegetable powders.  There are no preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors added.  The products contain organic, dried and powdered, whole fruits and vegetables--nothing else.  For those of us living in climates with shorter growing seasons--or those enjoying fresh fruits or vegetables simply unavailable from local growers--these powders fill quite a void!  I love mangoes--but, they do not grow locally in our little corner of the world--and they can be a little pricey during certain times of the year!  The powders have a long shelf live, do not require refrigeration and are easy and convenient to both store and use.

What will you win in the Activz Healthy Mother's Day Giveaway?  Activz is giving away a prize pack of some of their most popular fruit and vegetable powders--as well as an easy to use recipe book.   Mother's Day may be over--but, mothers and daughters share these types of things all year long--and you still have a little time to enter to win this prize valued at $215!  This giveaway is a fun way to learn about a new product--maybe even introduce your Mom to something new--and try some new recipes and meal ideas as well! 

For more information about Activz Organic Whole Fruit and Vegetable Powders or other Activz products:
Visit the Activz Website , check out the Activz Products , and even pick up a few recipe ideas for the various fruit and vegetable powders.
Disclaimer:  We were not compensated for this post.  This giveaway is administered directly via Activz and they will be directly responsible for awarding and shipping the prize.  

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