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Henry Gallant and the Warrior - EbookWe are excited to join the book blast announcing the release of the latest book in H. Peter Alesso's Henry Gallant series:  Henry Gallant and the Warrior.  Last summer, we reviewed Lieutenant Henry Gallant and really look forward to reading this book in the coming months.

Quick summary of Henry Gallant and the Warrior.  In the 22th Century, the people of the Solar System have banded together against an alien invasion. Unfortunately, they’re losing—badly. As the only Natural remaining in the genetically engineered officer corps of the United Planet’s fleet, Henry Gallant has unique mental abilities that have proven essential to the defense against the Titan invaders. Nevertheless his fellow officers lack faith in him, and worse, he has angered prominent men by speaking truth to power.

Despite this, Admiral Collingsworth has given him command of the Warrior, the most advanced stealth warship in the UP arsenal and ordered him to the alien’s main base to spy, intrigue, and disrupt their war capacity. Gallant’s mission leads to risky battles and painful choices, but no choice is more personal, or intimate, than the choice to face your own death.

And for Henry Gallant—a flawed young man, in a hopeless situation, against overwhelming odds—a dreadful decision looms before him. He has only one saving grace—he is unafraid.

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As a scientist and author specializing in technology innovation, H. Peter Alesso has over twenty years research experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). As Engineering Group Leader at LLNL he led a team of computer scientists and engineers in innovative applications across a wide range of supercomputers, workstations and networks. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. and served in the U.S. Navy on nuclear submarines before completing an M.S. and an advanced Engineering Degree at M.I.T. He has published several software titles and numerous scientific journal and conference articles, and he is the author/co-author of seven books.

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