5 Tips for Beginning CrossFit Training

Living a fairly active, healthy lifestyle is pretty important to us in our little corner of the world.  We have made a number of changes to our diet in recent years and we try to challenge ourselves with new physical activities to keep our daily exercise routine interesting!  CrossFit training programs have popped just about everywhere in recent years; and the style and intensity of the CrossFit workout appeals to many busy families.  If you have been hesitant to begin a CrossFit program; don't be!  It's never too late to begin a training program and we have a few tips for beginning CrossFit Training.

Now is the right time to begin CrossFit training.  I am the Queen of Procrastination when it comes to beginning something new and different--especially a new exercise program!  I worry that I'm too old.  Too out of shape.  Too overweight.  Too weak.  Too......whatever the negative flaw of the week may be!  Discuss your interest in CrossFit with your physician--and, if it's okay with your doctor--you are ready for the CrossFit Box or gym.

Begin CrossFit at the beginningDo some research and find a local class for CrossFit beginners.  You will feel more at ease with a group of people who are also a little hesitant, skeptical and new to the CrossFit training "process", terminology and routines.  Don't expect; however, that everyone in the Beginner Level CrossFit class will be at the same fitness level.  The range of fitness levels in a beginner class may vary widely--but, the goals of those individuals vary widely as well.  

Gearing up for CrossFit is Easy.  I hate dropping a load of money on equipment and gear for an activity.  CrossFit equipment will be readily available at the gym during your session and you will only need to wear proper exercise clothes and athletic shoes.  I would recommend putting some time and effort into finding well fitting shoes designed for the varying CrossFit activities. There are currently a stunning array of crossfit shoes available for men (and women and children as well!)  Do some research, get properly sized, and make sure that the shoes you choose fit your body and needs.

Embrace the CrossFit Learning Curve.   Take the time to learn to do the exercises properly before you do the exercises quickly.  You have the rest of your life to speed up your exercise routine--unless you suffer an unnecessary injury.  Ask questions, follow directions, and take the time to learn the proper techniques involved with the various activities before you pick up the pace.   You may not know how to do every exercise or workout activity.  You may learn that you have spent years performing a movement or lift incorrectly.  CrossFit gives you the opportunity to learn to do a very diverse set of workouts.  Embrace the opportunity and accept the learning curve involved!

Keep a Positive Attitude.  There will be days when you simply cannot do an exercise or activity.  Whether you hit a physical or a mental block--you will likely be challenged at times.  Try to keep a positive attitude when this happens because this is one of the best aspects of crossfit training!  If you keep pushing yourself and keep growing stronger and more determined; you will meet that activity again....and enjoy the success of conquering it!

Crossfit has proven rewarding for so many people--and it can be a rewarding and challenging experience for you too.  

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