Quick & Easy Bacon, Egg, Avocado & Tomato Breakfast Wrap Recipe Idea

Bacon Egg Avocado and Tomato Breakfast Wrap 3
Breakfast wraps are quick to prepare,easy to customize with on-hand ingredients--and portable for busy, breakfasts-on-the-go. As we head back to school in a couple of weeks--I am going to need to re-vamp my morning game a bit or the girls are going to be eating cold cereal way too often! My middle daughter would probably eat our favorite Breakfast Burrito recipe nearly every day the ingredients were always on hand. This morning; however, I decided to build on the youngest daughter's love of bacon, avocados and tomatoes for a quick and easy breakfast wrap.  I will be making this quick & easy bacon, egg, avocado, & tomato breakfast wrap recipe many times as it is easy enough for busy weekdays and light and fresh enough for a weekend brunch.

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Ingredients for our  Bacon, Egg, Avocado & Tomato Breakfast Wrap
4 Whole Grain or Flour Tortillas, warmed
1 Large Avocado, Sliced & Drizzled with 1 tsp. Lime Juice
1 Tomato, Sliced
8 Slices of Bacon, Cooked
6 Eggs, Lightly Beaten
1 Tbsp. Butter or Margarine
Optional Toppings:  Sliced Red or Yellow Onion, Fresh Spinach Leaves

Instructions for our Bacon, Egg, Avocado & Tomato Breakfast Wrap
Scramble the Eggs.  Melt the butter or margarine in a non-stick skillet
over medium heat.  Add the beaten eggs and scramble until the eggs are cooked through.

Build the Bacon, Egg, Avocado & Tomato Breakfast Wraps. 
Top each tortilla with 1/4 of the scrambled eggs, 2 slices of cooked bacon, and avocado and tomato slices.   We also enjoy a bit of onion and fresh spinach on these wraps.

Bacon Avocado Egg Breakfast Wrap 2

Fold the Wraps and Serve.  Fold the ends of the wrap inward and roll up like a burrito.  Serve warm with fresh fruit.

Bacon Avocado Egg Breakfast Wrap

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