Keeping Collectibles Valuable

If your favorite sports team takes over your time during the season, you may want to find ways to enjoy your team in the off season. For many sports fans, this turns into a hobby such as collecting memorabilia. Whether you are looking to collect baseball cards, game-worn jerseys or NFL football helmets, the key to having a great collection is the ultimate value. A valuable collection is a well-kept collection. If you want to make sure your sports memorabilia is safe, here are some tips you will need to use.

Keeping Display Items Clean.
To maintain value, you should keep your collectibles clean from dust, dirt and other substances that can stain. A display case is the easiest way to prevent dust and dirt from getting onto your collection. If you have a large display area in your home, you can find standard display cases to fit all of your items. If you only have a few specialized pieces, you can find display cases and frames for helmets, balls, jerseys and cards.

Avoiding the Sun.  Another way that your collectibles can deteriorate and lose value is by having too much exposure to the sun. When you display items in your home, you will want to make sure that direct sunlight does not hit the items at any time throughout the day. Alternatively, if sun is unavoidable in the space you have for your collection, you can always invest in display cases that have UV sunlight protection. That way, paper collectibles and bright, vivid colors do not fade over the years.

Avoiding Water Damage. Another serious concern for collectors is water damage. With some collectibles, a little water can do a lot of damage on the overall value of the item. This is especially true for paper collectibles such as ticket stubs, programs and posters. These items should be stored in an area of the home that is not prone to leaking or high amounts of moisture in the air. Some display cases can help with keeping water away, but you will have to do your research to find the right one for your collectibles.

A sports memorabilia collection is something that can be enjoyed for years to come, whether the items hold a high value or simply a sentimental value. With the right display cases and positioned properly in the home, you can easily avoid damage.

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