2016 Monthly Bucket List

Do you ever have the feeling that life is passing you by while you are busy struggling to keep up with the day to day, same old same old, ups and downs?  I am trying something new this year--and I really hope that it becomes a lifelong habit!  Each month of 2016--I will post a monthly "bucket list" of a hand full (or so) of things that I want to experience before the end of the month.  While these aren't Earth shattering, massively expensive, "need to do before I die" goals--they are all items that I want to do.....and consistently fail to make the time to do.   As I mark the item off the list, I will share a blog post (and the link) about the destination or activity.

Ready to follow our monthly journey?

Here is my bucket list for January, 2016

  1. Hocking Hills Winter Hike.  This is a 6-mile hike in Ohio's Hocking Hills Region.  Because it is scheduled annually in January; I have never gone. (Cold, icy, slippery...small children...etc.) Since the weather has been mild this winter; we may not find frozen waterfalls--but, this year should be the year to go!
  2. AAA Great Vacation Expo.  We seem to consistently be out of town when this travel expo comes to Columbus.  Maybe we'll make it this year if it hits the calendar first!
  3. Take the Girls to a Play.  I don't have a play in mind; but, with a boatload of theater groups in and around Central Ohio; I am sure that we can find a play in January!
  4. Visit 2 New Restaurants.  Again, I don't have any specific restaurants in mind--but, finding two local restaurants that we have never visited should be pretty easy over the next 30 days!
  5. Play a New Board Game.  I am really tired of Uno and Yahtzee.  They are great games; but, it's time to branch out and create a new game night tradition--with a new board game!
  6. Read 5 Books of Different Genre.  I get caught into "book ruts"....True crime and sci fi seem to always find themselves on my reading list.  I may even read a business or marketing book this month!
  7. Go to a Rodeo.  I have always wanted to see a live rodeo.  I am not sure why--but, it's been on my "bucket list" since I was little girl and I have never managed to go.
  8. Volunteer Somewhere New.  Our schedule is pretty packed--but, I would love to fit in at least two volunteer sessions this month.  Where?  I'm not sure yet--but, it will not be my daughters' classrooms.  It may be in addition to my daughters' classrooms; however! 
  9. Make a New Recipe with a new Seasonal Food.  This is part of a larger, year long, goal.  I am not sure what the food will be yet--but, it will be one that I have rarely or never cooked with before.
  10. Complete a daily photo challenge.  I signed up for the 365 Project--and failed miserably with that last year.  This year, I am going to try that again--you may follow me on 365 Project.  For January, I will also try the Instagram/Facebook Photo Challenges from +Fat Mum Slim

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