My Word of the Year for 2016 is Risk

It is January 1, 2016--and time for a fresh start to a new year!  For many of us, it's the day when we create a list of goals and dreams for our lives.  For a few years now, I have made my goal or New Year's Resolution list--but, have also chosen a single word as my focus in the new year.  My word is sort of a theme of the year for year-long guidance.  If you are new to the concept of choosing a word to guide your year of transformation and growth--or would like to select your own word; but, aren't really sure where to begin--you may find the word of the year discovery tool and worksheet from Christine Kane helpful.  I didn't use the discovery tool this year.  I have known for quite some time what my word of the year for 2016 should be.

 What does my life need in 2016?  

What is my overall theme for 2016?  

 What is my one word resolution to guide me in meeting my goals this year?

I have selected the word Risk for the New Year

Why have I chosen to make Risk my 2016 Word of the Year? 

-I need to accept that my goals lie outside my comfort zone.  They are Risky.

-I need take a few risks and move toward my goals.

-Targets and goals are useless if I never risk taking a shot at them!

-I need to put myself out there.  Take chances.  Risk failure.  Every Day.

I am not suggesting that I throw caution to the wind and try to defy death on a daily basis.  2016 won't be that Risk Filled!  

BUT--if I face some fears every day and take some chances...I will accomplish so much more with my days.

I will Risk failure in 2016.

I will still live a family and goal Focused life in 2016--but, will step away from my safety nets.

I have goals and dreams--and I am excited to embark on the journey into 2016. 

Have you chosen a word of the year?  We would love for your to share your word--or your most desired resolution!  

Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year! 

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.  I only mention a website within this post that I found personally helpful. 


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