Monday Motivation: Keep Moving Forward

It is so easy to fall into a holding pattern in life.  Things are going okay.  You are on a path keeping you reasonably happy.  Generally Healthy.  Probably Safe.  Sometimes; however, that safety zone keeps us from moving forward toward larger life goals and our dreams.  We can't rationalize risking what we have for what we could attain.   As I sat down to write today's Monday Motivation; I realized that I find myself caught up in my safety nets several times throughout the year.  When things are going well--it's so easy to forget that those wonderful (safe, happy) forces in life can change in an instant.  Today, I am advocating that you keep moving toward your goals.  Every. Day.  No more holding patterns.  No more complacency.

It's easy to forget that Safety Nets Break sometimes.  If I stop moving forward toward my long term goals--toward new (sometimes risky) adventures--what happens to me when my safety net suffers a tear?  I suffer a setback--sometimes a major, time consuming, life altering setback--that sends me struggling and flailing to simply regain the basics. If I'm working on regaining my safety net--I'm not moving forward toward other goals.  There isn't time.  All of my efforts need to focus on regrouping and rebuilding.  If all of my eggs are in one safe/secure basket--and I've not been pushing forward--it's easy to tumble backward.  A long, long way backward!

Life is a lot like physics.  No--that's not just the scientist in me talking.  An object in motion tends to stay in physics and in life.  Outside forces act on us every day.  It's a lot easier to take a beating (physical or emotional) if you are standing still.   It's also a lot harder to regain forward momentum from zero than from a standstill--especially if you find yourself pushed backward

Keep moving. 

It's okay to keep moving on your personal path--but, keep moving.

See where you end up.  

It may be a better place than your current happy (safe) place!

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