Our New Year Resolutions

The end of the year is a perfect time to make a New Year’s resolution. It is a tool helping us to become better and improve our life. But goal setting is an art requiring some knowledge and skills. My experience in making a to-do list was not always successful. My resolutions were too numerous, unrealistic and not specific. So, when the year ended and I reviewed my results, it turned out that I had failed most of my resolutions. I came across the statics saying that 23% of people even forgot about their resolutions at all!

I am proud to have a friend like Mary. She did not just put a New Year resolution, she realize her dearest wish that was to meet her soul mate. When I asked Mary how she managed to do it, she told me that she had framed a plan of actions. So, her resolution comprises such actions as ‘to register in dating site’, ‘to visit some event every week-end’, ’to try speed dating’, ‘to go to a dance’ and so on. Marry did everything she planned and killed two birds with one stone. Besides finding a good partner (by the way, on the web site, she made her life more interesting and richer. 

I decided to take a leaf out of Mary’s book and to apply that principle to my life. So, I used to set such a goal as ‘to have a good winter time with my children’, but did not suggest any new activities that would surprise my children, bring new impression to them and pull together the whole family as well. This time I did a list of specific winter activities to try. It includes the following activities:

  • ·         To catch snowflakes on a tongue
  • ·         To build a snow fort
  • ·         To have a winter campfire at the backyard
  • ·         To get together in front of the fireplace to reflect on 2015
  • ·         To buy a new puzzle and make it together
  • ·         To try a new cake recipe
  • ·         To make a family photo session outside
  • ·         To watch favorite cartoons and movies together
  • ·         To make a puppet theatre a mini Bucket List for January.
It is great to talk to your children before making this plan and even better to make it together. My kids were so inspired to come up with winter ideas. They anticipated those events with eagerness.  We are seeing some fun results with this and have decided to introduce a new tradition that is to make such a plan before each season. 

According to this principle, we made a few other resolutions for 2016. I tried to detail my goal as much as possible and I hope I won’t be one of those 23% people who forgot about their plans. What are your 2016 resolutions and your experience in fulfilling them?

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