Monday Motivation: Living in the Moment

Last summer, I shared a #MondayMotivation  post about living for now.  While I intended to incorporate more mindfulness into my days--I haven't made much progress.  My life is busy.  Most days, it's downright chaotic.  My daughters are very active in school and extracurricular activities--and have busy social calendars as well.  I may not be able to change my schedule much--although I am going to work on reining that in a bit--but, I can certainly change my responses to the madness.  I need to do a much better job at living in the moment!

I am SO guilty of seeing every moment of my day as a task on my to-do list.  Eating dinner is a necessity--not an activity of joy.  The kids and I spend a lot of time together--but, we aren't really enjoying many of those moments.

This is the only life I get.  

Why am a wishing away the mundane daily moments?  

Will tomorrow really be something so much more than today?

What exactly am I waiting for? 

If I complete my 8,000 items on my to-do list today....then...What exactly do I think will happen? 

There will be another 8,000 items on my list tomorrow. I just seem to keep working and working toward some perfect set of conditions which never seems to fall in place.

I seem to avoid living today in order to live someday. 

What if someday is never my today?

I don't know if I can change a lifetime of living for the future--but, I do think I owe it to myself to try.

Today may be the only future I get. 

Enjoy your Monday. Really. Try to enjoy the moments of your Monday. Today.

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