Monday Motivation: The Value of a Day of Rest

I do a lot of talking here and on Twitter about focus, and action, and the constant need to keep moving.  This isn't just talk--this is how I really try to live my life.  I am in charge of the day to day operation of my businesses--and of my family.  I wear a number of hats--and I spend a lot of time in motion.  Self care takes a back-seat--and it has taken that back seat for so long--that I have forgotten how to stop moving.  Literally. I wanted to focus today on the value of a day of rest.  Total rest. 

I took yesterday off from everything--100% off.  

This was probably the first day totally "off"..without being bedridden from having strep or the stomach 14 years.  Really.  Even when I'm on vacation--I'm working on a writing assignment or preparing meals or planning an itinerary to "teach" the kids something about something.  Well--yesterday was different.  No cooking.  No laundry.  No writing.  No work projects. No homework or projects with the kids (they took the day off too).  We watched t.v., played video games, read, ordered pizza for dinner, warmed up leftovers and snack foods for lunch--and did nothing on the to-do lists. 

And--the world didn't stop turning.  

We get so caught up in the run, run, run mentality of our 'busy' lives that we simply forget to stop, rest and take a bit of time to be thankful for those busy lives.  
I took that time yesterday--and I won't lie--I was miserable for a while.  I felt guilty.  I felt that I was wasting the day.  I felt that I was setting a terrible example for the kids.  I felt lazy and worthless.
Then.  I allowed (okay--forced) myself to stop.  
Then--I forced myself to relax and feel peace.
I laughed at silly sitcoms.  I enjoyed the sound of the dog snoring beside me on the bed.  I held one of the cats while she purred.  I watched my youngest daughter playing silly computer games with zero educational value--and I let her skip the social studies review packet (which I also still need to sign).
The girls didn't practice the violin. They didn't practice dance.  

They didn't study.  They didn't read any book that they were "supposed to read".

And--the world didn't stop turning.  

I read a post this morning about the underappreciation of rest in today's "always on" society...and I think the author hit the nail on the head.  So much so--that I think we (as a family) will be putting our to-do list on a 6-day-per-week schedule--and taking a weekly rest day.  This isn't a Biblical day of rest--and it may not always happen on Sunday.  But, I'm turning over a new leaf--and we are taking some time off.  Every week.  Not once every 14 years. 

Enjoy your week--and give yourself a break.  The world won't stop--and you may just tackle tomorrow with a renewed spirit and more energy than you can imagine!

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