Restaurant Review: PizzaRev on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio

Every trip to North High Street in Columbus, Ohio, introduces us to a new restaurant or a new shop.  The area constantly grows and changes and adapts to serve both the Ohio State University campus and Columbus area residents.  There is truly always something for everyone  and we love venturing there for family outings.  We were recently offered the opportunity to experience a fairly new, family friendly, pizza restaurant as part of a tasting event as we (and OSU students) head back to school.  What did the family think of PizzaRev on the OSU campus in Columbus, Ohio?

We visited this restaurant as part of a local blogger, food writer tasting night.  We did receive complimentary drinks and entrees during our tasting.  All opinions and experiences are our own. 

PizzaRev has a great location on North High Street.  Located across the street from Barnes & Noble, the Official Ohio State University Book Store--and near the Gateway Film Center and in the midst of all of the hustle and bustle of the North High Street/Campus area.  Parking in the popular area has gotten much easier over the years and accessing PizzaRev was quick and easy--even on a busy Friday night at the start of the OSU school year (and the night before a home Buckeye football game!)

PizzaRev brings the Create Your Own concept to pizza--and salad.  Locally, we are fortunate enough to experience a variety of "build your own" concept restaurants from the ever-present Subway and Chipotle to Italian to Greek to Asian restaurants.  This was our first  visit to PizzaRev--and it certainly took the stress out of family pizza night!  Like most families, we have very different tastes and "perfect pizza" combinations.  The girls loved the idea of making their own, individual pizzas--and not sharing Dad's gluten free crust or Mom's spicy meat toppings! I loved that the girls are much more likely to add vegetables and choose healthier selections when given free choice!

What did we think of the food at PizzaRev?  We all opted to create our pizzas--though I think we all could have created wonderful dinner salads with all of the topping options available.  It was nice to see options for gluten free diets, vegan diets, and vegetarians alongside traditional pizza options.

Ordering was easy.  We simply chose our crusts (the girls and I opted for the single, signature thin crusts, while my husband requested the gluten free crust), chose cheese (the girls and I chose the all natural Italian Cheese while the husband opted for Feta), then we each were able to choose as many proteins and vegetable toppings as we wanted.

There were side salads available--as well as an assortment of PizzaRev Pizza choices (such as BBQ Chicken, Mediterranean, Margherita, and more per the PizzaRev menu.)  There is also a kid's menu with kid's size pizza choices (cheese or pepperoni), served with either applesauce or Oreo cookies, and a choice of milk or organic apple juice.

A variety of fountain drinks, tea, and "grown up" drinks such as bottles of hard cider were available as well.

Would we recommend PizzaRev on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio? 
The teen daughter loves the create your own concept.  She has always been something of a picky eater--and loves skipping the stress of choosing toppings with the entire family.  She really liked the flavor of the cheese and the crispy crust--although the crust edges were browned a little more than she would have liked.  She ate nearly the entire personal pizza--which says something for her when visiting a new restaurant.  She would certainly return and would recommend PizzaRev.

The youngest daughter loved the sauce and she enjoyed her topping selections.  The crust was a little crispy for her--and she suggested that she should have tried the double dough option instead.  She said that she would return to PizzaRev--and thinks she would try creating her own salad next visit.

Pizza sauce is often the downfall for me at a pizza shop--but, I, too, really liked the sauce.  There was a lot of sauce on the pizza--but, it didn't overtake the thin crust.  I loved that the pizza wasn't heavy and greasy.  The quick cook time (the pizzas were delivered to our table within minutes of ordering) seemed perfect to brown the crust, melt the cheese & warm the toppings.  I also would try the create-your-own salad option on a return visit.

The husband faced the only challenges when ordering--the manager had to retrieve olive oil from the back--and the restaurant had run out of a few of his desired toppings--anchovies and, then, cilantro--but, they did have a gluten free crust available.  This was his first gluten free pizza crust at a pizza restaurant--he has adapted to primarily a gluten free diet by choice--and found that the flavor was better than he had expected.

All in all--the restaurant is a great fit for the location.  It's a quick, healthier option than most of the fast food offerings available--and the menu is suitable for families, teens, students, and adults.   Many of my daughter's friends are vegan, vegetarian or living gluten free lifestyles.  This is a great, family friendly option to suit a variety of tastes and needs.

If you go to PizzaRev on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio.
Allow a little extra time to find parking on North High Street.  Expect a little traffic in this area of the OSU campus.  Cars, bikes, and foot-traffic make the street a little congested.  There are nearby parking areas and on-street (metered) parking--but, you will not likely find a spot in front of the restaurant.

Consider your order and toppings before you get in line.  As the line behind us grew longer, we became a little more rushed in our decision making.     

Try some of the sauces and condiments.  There are a variety of condiments (sauces, spice packets, and cheese toppings) available near the drink station of the restaurant.   We missed these until we were nearly finished with our meal--but, the hot sauce selection would have been interesting to try.

There is also a PizzaRev location in Gahanna--and one coming to Dublin, Ohio, as well.

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1607 N. High Street
Columbus, OH, 43201
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