If You Were Me and Lived In...New Children's Book Series Review & Giveaway

I have reviewed books from Carole P. Roman's If You Were Me and Lived In....children's book series a few times over the past few years.  The original offerings from the geography/cultural themed series were geared more toward preschool and younger elementary ages.  I was so excited to see that, not only has Roman continued the series, but--she's expanded those original, cultural focused books, to include historical time periods and lengthier texts with resources to inspire and teach older students as well.  I would like to share my family's thoughts on the latest series of If You Were Me and Lived In.....books by Carole P. Roman--and offer my readers an opportunity to win the first four of these books in a giveaway at the end of my post!

I received review copies of these books for use in this review from the publisher.  All opinions and experiences are my own.  Additionally, our posts may include affiliate linking.

Quick summary of the new history based series, If You Were Me and Lived In... Join Carole P. Roman and travel through time to visit the most interesting civilizations throughout history in the first four books of her new series.

Learn what kind of food you might eat in Ancient Greece, the type of clothing you might wear what your name could be, and what children in the olden days did for fun. If You Were Me and Lived in...does for history what her other award-winning series did for culture. So get on-board this time-travel machine and discover the world through the eyes of a young person just like you.

The If You Were Me and Lived In....series provides just enough detail to interest and teach--without being too "lesson-like".   In the Colonial America edition, Roman introduces readers to a full lesson about Colonial America--from the reasons for the Colonists move to America to the foods, activities, culture and challenges.  She introduces famous Colonists and defines many of the terms children should learn about the time period via vividly illustrated pages and fun, informative text.  The same is accomplished as she introduces young readers to Renaissance Italy, Ancient Greece and Elizabethan England. 

This series continuation works for older, solo readers as well as families.  These time period books are lengthier and a bit wordier than Roman's earlier books in the series.  The subjects are covered with more detail and depth---but, are still best used to supplement other instruction or to further interest on specific historical figures or events. As a parent, I am tasked with helping my girls study and learn beyond their school-time instruction.  I love resources that we can use and benefit from as a family.

Would I recommend the latest series of Carole P. Roman's If You Were Me and Lived In...?  Both my 5th grade daughter and my 8th grade daughters are currently studying social studies units on Colonial America.  While they are both far beyond the reading level of this series--they enjoyed the easy to use glossary and list of important historical figures as they prepared for their recent quizzes and tests.  

I think it is also nice to read and relate to the time period as if the reader were actually and experiencing the world of the time.   

I think books of this type are especially important for time periods which Americans students tend to "skim over" in our traditional elementary/middle school history classes. 

Like Elizabethan England... 

Or Renaissance Italy... 

I was a huge fan of the early books of Roman's series for culture introduction or world travel introductions for children.  I think I like this historical series even more.  Of course, my children have grown-and- in reality, her latest series is more in tune with my current, upper elementary, early middle school needs. 

I would recommend this series to parents who homeschool--but, also for parents who seek to supplement public/private school classroom learning with extra activities during the school year or even summer months.  I love Carole's writing style.  I love the presentation and illustrations.  I love that I can use these books as educational aids for my family.

Would you like to win the First 4 Books of the Series?

1 Lucky Reader (U.S. Only) will win paperback copies of:
If You Were Me and Lived in...Ancient Greece
If You Were Me and lived in...Colonial America
If You Were Me and Lived in...Renaissance Italy
If You Were Me and Lived in...Elizabethen England

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  1. I would travel back to Renaissance Italy. :)

  2. I would definitely travel back to Colonial America. That time period has always fascinated me.

  3. I would like to time travel to Ancient Greece.

  4. Ancient Greece. I bet it was amazing!

  5. I would choose Ancient Greece.

  6. I would choose Ancient Greece. History from that time and place is pretty interesting.

  7. Colonial America would be my first choice, but Ancient Greece is a close second!

  8. Colonial America would be my choice.

  9. I would travel to colonial America

  10. I would like the colonial days. I could learn from scratch.

  11. Ohh Elizabethan England for sure!!

  12. Ancient Greece for me, although they all would be interesting!

  13. I would love to travel to Colonial America.

  14. Oh Ancient Greeeeeeece

  15. Elizabethan England time has always been a favorite time.

  16. I would love to travel to Ancient Greece & talk to the poets, artists, and philosophers.



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