Decorating A Small Front Room Space

The front room of the home, or the living room as some people call it, can sometimes be the smallest room of the house. There are some homes that have a separate front room that is on a different side of the home or adjacent to the living room. You could use the space for a den without a television, giving a quiet area to study, read or sort through bills that need to be paid at the end of the day. Another option is to make the area a play room for the kids. No matter what you do with the space, there are a few frontroom furnishings that can give the area a unique look that is set off from the rest of the house.

Go Light.  One of the things that you want to do in a small room is to go light. This means using light colors of paint on the walls and light colors with the furnishings. You can use brighter colors when it comes to the accents, such as pillows or rugs, but the overall theme should be in lighter colors as these will make the space appear larger.

Use Mirrors.  A mirror that is placed on a wall on the opposite side of a window can reflect back and make the room look larger. A larger mirror is often best as it can pick up the most light from the room, reflecting it back to the rest of the room. Metallic decorations, such as a silver lamp, can have the same effect in the room. They will reflect the light that is present, which can give a sparkle to the space, giving depth to the front room.

Bring in Floating Shelves.  Floating shelves are an idea instead of using cabinets. You can display your treasures on the shelves as well as books and other items so that they aren't hidden behind cabinet doors. The floating shelves can easily be moved anywhere in the room, and you can remove some of the tables that seem to take up space in exchange for the floating shelves, giving you more space for furniture that you might need.

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