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Okay--book lovers, we found something new that we thought may just interest you!  If you love to stay informed on new book releases--but, hate receiving hundreds of newsletters for books that aren't of interest to you--check out Devour Reads.  There is a new book release notification newsletter service designed just for you--no matter what book genre you look for each week.  Learn about this new service--and sign up to receive book information from the genre of your choice--and enter to win Devour Reads current giveaway in your chosen category!
What is the Devour Reads Newsletter Service?  It isn’t your average newsletter service – That would be boring and that’s not how Devour Reads works! Sign up for your SPECIFIC favorite categories and ONLY get information on new releases and sales TWICE a month. THAT’S IT!

Okay, so let’s say you REALLY love – No, I mean LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE Billionaire romances. Who doesn’t, right?
But you’re sick of wading through the vast emails and newsletters in your inbox. Oh my word, who isn’t RIGHT?

You sign up with Devour Reads for FREE and get information on up to 15 books in each of the TWO emails you’ll get in a month.

There will be freebies, sales, and new releases from the best authors in the category.

So sign up here! Give your inbox a break. Get information on amazing books by authors who tell the stories you’re begging for.

No more running to the best sellers lists to drown in the sheer amount of books (good and bad and ugly).
One email, twice a month, and your ereader will never go hungry again.
REMEMBER! Each genre you sign up for increases your newsletters by 2. 

Not on the same day UNLESS they are opposite genres like Romance and thriller.

Click below to sign up for your preferred emails and to sign up for our current giveaways in that genre!

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