Gardening: Expectation vs. Reality

Not everything in life turns out the way we expect. And this is even the case when it comes to gardening. Lots of TV gardeners make it seem so easy to transform a jungle-like back garden into a blooming paradise. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite so easy, especially if you are completely new to this hobby. But thankfully, there are some very easy solutions to change the reality of your gardening. Here are some ways you can make your expectation more of a reality!


Expectation: Delicious meals made from home-grown vegetables.
Reality: The slugs and snails eat all the vegetables in your garden.

Solution: You don’t have to suffer from a pest problem for too long. And you also don’t have to rely on dangerous chemical treatments to improve the matter. In fact, there are a lot of homemade traps that can deter slugs and snails from your garden. The best ones to make are beer traps: If that still doesn’t work, the best thing you can do is to create a physical barrier around your veggies. You will be able to find some netting that you can use at your local gardening center.

Expectation: A shaded spot for your garden furniture
Reality: All the trees that are meant to create the shade keep losing leaves.

Solution: If the trees in your garden lose their leaves even through the summer months, there is a chance that they are suffering from a disease. You can find out more about tree diseases on sites like, but some of the most common include chestnut blight and acute oak decline. One of the most common symptoms is an excessive loss of leaves. If you aren’t too sure what the problem is, call in a tree expert to take a look for you.


Expectation: A garden filled with beautiful plants and flowers.
Reality: Weeds take over and end up killing off all your nice plants.

Solution: Get rid of all the weeds with effective homemade weed killers. Many people are put off from buying weed killers and pesticides because they contain a lot of dangerous chemicals that can damage the surrounding environment and wildlife. But that doesn't mean you have to sit back and watch ugly weeds take over your garden! In fact, just like with those slug and snail traps I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of natural weed killers that you can make yourself at home. All of which will be completely organic and eco-friendly!

Expectation: Gorgeous garden furniture that you will want to always dine off.
Reality: Wooden furniture that quickly rots and looks awful after just one summer.

Solution: When you buy wooden garden furniture, you need to make sure that you always buy a sealant for the wood. You should give it a coat of this before you put it out in your garden as it will protect it from all the weather it might face. It’s also necessary to take your furniture inside over winter, as this can protect it further from excessive rain and snow. 

While our gardens may never be the apple of our perfectionist eyes--with some of these tips; we can turn our top expectations into satisfying realities!  

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