The Foodie's Guide To A New York Weekend

There are a thousand and three reasons why New York City has always been - and probably will always be - one of our favorite cities in the world. The culture, the size, the atmosphere, the arts, the skyline, the Hudson, the diversity and the little pockets of wow that make each borough so unique. But, given what we are all about, the thing that makes NYC totally, mind-bogglingly amazing is the food. OMG! Food makes us happier than anything else in the world and New York has everything. In fact, that’s the only problem, choice. The choice is tough.


Don’t worry, though, because if you have booked yourself an Airbnb for a quick weekend away and don’t know the must-see and must-eat foodie things to do are, like the things you absolutely cannot miss, then read on because we’ve done the hard work for you.

Bagels.  New York is absolutely famed for its bagels, which makes the decision of which one to visit a mountain of a challenge. But we recommend you head straight to Brooklyn and to The Bagel Store. Why? They make rainbow bagels. Yeah. The actual bread is multi-colored. It’s insane. So if you’re one who loves to share foodie pictures on Instagram, there is no better way to announce your arrival in NYC.


Markets. Once again, New York is twinned with food markets of every sort and size. There is the Park Slope Farmer’s Market (also known as Down to Earth), the Chelsea Market and the Smorgasburg market. Zaragoza and the Asian Market Corp. Seriously, the list is almost endless. But if we had to suggest one, and just one, we would have to suggest the Union Square Greenmarket, which was started by It just has something special, which could be because it was founded by a non-profit and celebrates locally grown produce and, well, that is something close to our hearts.

Fish. Okay, we’re going to cheat here because we cannot narrow this down to just one, not with the history New York has with fish. So, the first place we say you have to go is Citarella. If you’ve never heard of it then check it out here Yeah, they ship their fish, but it is so worth checking out what they offer, and what they have offered consistently since 1912. Next up is Fulton Fish Market, which has been around for two centuries and has 300 varieties of seafood, from conch to shark to octopus. Amazing.

Ice Cream. There is nowhere that out does Emack & Bolio’s. That is as close as something subjective can get to fact. They just make the coolest cone's, and they do it with flair, all of it homemade too. Yeah, they’re the ice cream winners.

Burgers. The choice is extensive, and there is so much to factor in on this one, but we are sticking to our guns and saying that Bill’s Burger at Bill’s Bar & Burger is the best. There is nothing fancy about this. In fact, it is about as far from fancy as you can get, and that’s what gives it the win. Yeah, there are sexier sounding options on their menu, but this nails what a burger really is. What’s more, it is also one of the cheapest burger’s you can get. It is value for money like no other and staggeringly delicious.

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