Avoid Laying Out The Welcome Mat For Cockroaches

Do you shudder at the thought of roaches in your home? They’re a common pest in American houses, and they’re not the easiest to get rid of either. They’re hardy and tenacious, and the strong chemicals in the pesticides that are sometimes required to remove them aren’t good for your family. So keeping them at bay is far easier than getting rid of them once they’re in. Here’s how.

Clean clean and clean.  Prevention is always better than the cure, so avoiding leaving out their favorite foods overnight is one of the best ways of keeping them at bay. They love food residue, particularly oil and grease, so get into the routine of cleaning up each day. Wipe down surfaces, take out the trash, seal any open food containers, and sweep up any spilled food. Make sure all dirty dishes are either in the dishwasher or cleaned and put away. You don’t want to make your home seem like a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet. It seems like a lot of work to do every day, but once you get into the routine it’s easy, and you’ll enjoy the cleanliness too.

Fix water leaks.  Roaches are attracted to pooling water and moisture, which is why you sometimes catch them scurrying under the sink. They don’t need much food to survive, but they do need water. So whenever you have a leaking pipe, be sure to fix it quickly, and avoid letting water pool in other places such as around indoor plants and in the bathroom.

Block up holes.  When you live in an apartment complex, you might find that your neighbors aren’t quite as clean and tidy as you. This means that, while your home isn’t cockroach heaven, their apartments might be, and they cockroaches can come in through the gaps. Go through your home filling in gaps between walls and floors, surfaces, and tiles with putty to keep the roaches out. They can fit through the tiniest gaps.

Don’t let the heat rise.  Roaches love warmth - it gives them all the energy they need to spread their wings and fly, which is just about one of the most disgusting things that could ever happen. So keeping the apartment or house cool can actually help to keep them at least on the ground, but if you’re lucky, it could put them off altogether.

Call in the professionals.  Many people will swear blind that they can keep roaches away with natural remedies, but more often than not it’s far easier, safer, and more effective to call in the professionals, such as They’ll be able to use the chemicals required to kill the invaders, without putting you or your family at risk. It might cost a bit more than the natural baits that you can make, but it’s going to be a more permanent job.

While prevention is always better and cheaper than the cure, sometimes it’s impossible without expert help to keep the little terrors at bay, however clean, dry, and impenetrable your home is.

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