The Art of Downsizing

If your kids have moved out to go to college, you have probably noticed that your house is a lot quieter than normal. As well as all that new peace and quiet, you will definitely find that your home feels a lot bigger. In fact, you and your other half could end up rattling around in it! 


The chances are that you won’t need all this space once your kids fly the nest. Like many couples, you might start to consider downsizing. For most couples, the main reason for this is to find a smaller house that fits their needs and is easier to manage. But lots of people also benefit from the money they make by selling their family home. As a smaller property will be cheaper, they often find that they have a considerable sum left over that they can invest or use to treat themselves.

There is a certain art to downsizing - get it right, and you will find that your move is a success and you end up in a new home that is just the right size for you and your partner. However, get it wrong, and you will end up very cramped! Here are some tips that will help you to downsize without too many problems.


Think About What You Want To Take With You. At the minute, you will have furniture and belongings intended to fit into your current home. If you downsize into a smaller property, you might not have the space to put everything. So, you need to carefully think about which items you will take with you and which you won’t. Rather than throwing away all your spare furniture, you could try to sell it or donate it to a charity shop. If you can’t bare parting with something but have no room for it in your new house, think about placing it in storage.

A Smaller Move Isn’t An Easier Move.  Some people think that moving with less furniture will make for a very easy moving day. However, this isn’t the case, and you might still get quite stressed on the day! Moving companies can help heal all that stress as they will take care of packing the truck, driving everything to your new home, and unpacking everything. You just need to follow them in your car!


Remember Your Kids Will Want To Visit.  You need to bear in mind that your kids will want to visit you in your new home, especially over holiday periods. So, even though you might want to move into a home with fewer bedrooms than you currently have, you might want to make sure that there is enough space for your children to stay.

Think About The Garden.  You should try to find a property with a downsized garden too. After all, once you get older, you might not feel so enthusiastic about looking after a large garden. Look for a property that has a seated area and small flower bed in the garden so that you will find it easy to maintain, even in old age.

As you can see, downsizing really is an art!

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