4 Weird Ways To Earn Quick Cash

We all know how much the cost of living can be a strain on our comfort and financial security. Between all the bills it takes to keep a roof over your head, and the cost of putting food in your belly and gas in your car, it can be easy to live a little past our means, and wind up just about keeping our heads above water by the time payday rolls around. If you find yourself needing an extra bit of cash, here are four weird ways to earn you may not have thought of before.

Sell Your Body.  Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you do it in that way! We’re talking about literally selling parts of your body, without waking up in a bathtub full of ice! Selling your hair is a great way to earn money fast, and so is selling your body’s plasma. Either of these can be sold legally, and there are countless companies in the beauty and cosmetics niche that will pay for them. Surprisingly, selling your plasma is only going to garner a little pocket change. On the other hand, if you have the right kind of hair, you can make serious bucks in a short space of time!

Go in for a Clinical Trial.  This is one of the more fulfilling ways to earn quick cash, as you’ll be helping the development of medical science while doing it! While most clinical trials require people who have specific medical conditions, to see the results from new method of treatment, there are many others that call for normal, healthy adults. Just make be sure to read up on some of the risks in the way of side effects, and know the possible repercussions of what you’re getting into. Getting the quick cash won’t feel so great if you’re too ill to enjoy it!

Join a Focus Group.  If you’re in the right locality at the right time, you may be able to join a focus group, and earn some money by simply speaking your mind. As consumers, our likes, dislikes and behaviors are one big mystery to a lot of big companies. Many of them are willing to pay people for their honest opinions on new products or services that are in the works. Generally, focus groups tend to run in large, metropolitan areas. However, more and more marketers are moving towards small communities, and even online platforms.

House-Sit.  If you’re not cut out for babysitting, then this could be another great option to consider. Houses are much quieter than kids, they never talk back, and never make a mess! Unless it’s haunted, obviously. There are now a wide range of websites that link up house sitters with those who will pay for their services. All you usually need to do is keep an eye on the place, water some plants, and remember to lock up for the night. Aside from that, it’s a lot of chilling out and getting paid for it! House-sitting can be hard to get into with no experience, but it’s always worth a shot.

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