Simple Steps To Stop Salad Skeptics Ruining Your Summer

With summer well underway, heavy comfort meals are fast going out the window. When we’re overheating already, the last thing we want is a piping hot plate of food. And, cooking that food is even worse. The kitchen was hot enough before you turned that stove on! It’s no wonder the majority of us turn to salads and fruits to see us through these warmer months. They can be a saving grace in a lot of ways. But, there are plenty of salad skeptics out there. And, if you have a few in your family, you may find yourself struggling on. But, you don’t have to do it anymore. We’ve got a few tips which should make even the most severe salad skeptics eat their greens.

Creative ingredients keep things interesting.

The first step is to use interesting ingredients. Often, we stick with the traditional options when preparing a salad. You know the drill - lettuce, tomato, a bit of spring onion if we’re feeling spicy. But, there’s no reason you have to stick to the options that haven’t been working. The world is your salad oyster. You could use the standard salad as your base, and incorporate beans, avocado, or meat options. Or, you could scrap the traditional base altogether. You could make pasta, or potato salad instead. You don’t even have to present it as a salad. Just serve it as is.

Never underestimate presentation.

We all know that presentation matters. But, do we ever bother with it when making a salad? The chances are not. You don’t want to be in the kitchen, anyway, so you rush and stick it all in a bowl. How attractive can salad be anyway?

But, underestimating the importance of appearance could be your problem. If the food doesn’t look good, your family are much less likely to get stuck in. But, what can you do to make that salad attractive, anyway? For one, cut your ingredients finely. Massive chunks aren’t appealing to anyone. They look unpalatable, as well as unappealing. Stock up on sharp knives, like the ones mentioned at Cut It Fine. Then, practice slicing finely. It may take you a while to fine tune this, but practice makes perfect. Think, too, about incorporating a mixture of colors. Tomatoes, peppers, and radishes are excellent for this. Last but not least, get yourself a gorgeous salad bowl to present it in!

Don’t forget dressing.

A lot of people would argue that dressing is the best part of a salad. It’s what turns a potentially boring dish into a taste sensation. To ensure you get the most of this addition, learn how to make your own. These are sure to pack more punch than shop bought options. Plus, you can suit them to your family’s tastes. Dressing generally consists of oil, a variety of vinegar, and a little salt and pepper. If you want a creamy version, you could even add yogurt or mayonnaise. Play around to find a taste which suits.

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