Giant Gardens Made Easy


When you imagine your perfect home, does it come with a huge garden? For many people, a large house with a spacious garden is their dream. All that space means that your kids will have plenty of room to run around and play ball games! But there is one downside to getting the big garden of your dreams - you will have to maintain it. Even if the garden is fairly simple, and just a large lawn, you will still need to mow it every week through the summer.

However, a big garden doesn’t necessarily mean big work, though. Especially not when you follow these useful tips that can help make giant gardens easier to maintain.


Get Some Extra Help

If you work full-time and spend most of your spare time looking after your kids, you will probably have hardly any time to tend to your garden. And the time you do spend working on your garden is probably not enough to see to the whole space. There is one easy way around this, though - just hire a professional gardener to come and help out. Most gardeners are happy to just spend a few hours a week in a client’s garden. So, don’t feel that you have to waste money on hiring a full-time gardener if you can’t afford that expense.

Think About Landscaping

If you change the style of your garden, you might find that you can create an outdoor space that is a lot easier for you to maintain. It’s worth having a chat with one of the Surrounds landscaping companies to see how they can help you create a simple garden that won’t need too much looking after. For instance, they might suggest that you remove part of your lawn and replace it with some paving slabs or wooden decking. They will also be able to inform you of the types of plants and flowers that don’t require too much attention.


Collect Rain Water

It’s worth setting up some systems that can help you collect rainwater to use in your garden. You will then find that you always have easy access to water for your garden, and you will no longer have to stand around waiting for your watering can to fill up with water from the tap! If you have a shed, you might want to add some guttering that leads down to a large barrel. Over time, this will fill up with useful rain water!

Go For Evergreens

Are you sick of having to dig out dead plants from your flower bed every once in awhile? Or maybe you’re tired of pruning your bushes and shrubs? Well, you just need to swap all these plants that require hard work for some evergreens. Evergreens require hardly any maintenance and are happy just growing on their own. They grow very slowly throughout the year and will fit into any space you want them to go into!

Big gardens don’t have to bring you out in a sweat! Just use these useful tips, and you will find that you hardly ever have to work in yours.

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