Deadly Trespass: A Mystery in Maine Book Review

 I really do enjoy cozy mysteries and I have an amazing book to share with you today.  I had the opportunity to read and review Deadly Trespass:  A Mystery in Maine by Sandra Neily.  What did I think of this book?

I received a complimentary ebook copy of the book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.  

About the Book

Cassandra Patton Conover is about to become an outlaw. Searching for her wayward dog in Maine’s dense woods, she finds her best friend Shannon crushed under a tree. Then she finds tracks larger than any animal she knows and a mystery only wild animals can help her solve.
Before she can absorb the loss of her friend, Patton is hired to guide a surly reporter who suspects extinct wolves have returned to Maine, but the forest has too many agendas. A billionaire hopes wolves will become a save-the-forest strategy. A timber company plans to exterminate the pack. A game warden loyal to his Penobscot tribe, his attraction to Patton, and his law enforcement life, has too many tough choices, and a black ops mercenary rips open Patton’s wounded life so he can aim her at the wolves.

When gold wolf eyes issue a challenge at her tent door, Patton is drawn deeper into Shannon’s mysterious murder and the wolves’ fate. To find her friend’s killer, she must find and trust the pack. To save her dog, the wolves, and her own life, she must step outside the law, sacrifice her career, and embrace a wild world.

 My Review  

Readers Embark on a Vivid Journey to Maine.  While I have never been to Maine, the author's writing style and detailed settings and scenes transported me there.  The author's descriptions really serve to connect readers to her storyline and the environment surrounding her characters.  While the book contains a great deal of descriptive text, readers will not feel bogged down by it.  The author does a wonderful job blending just the right amount of details and descriptive text with dialogue and plot movement.  I love it when a book takes my senses to a place that I have never been--and this book took me to Maine.

Deadly Trespass:  A Mystery in Maine is Well Written and Perfectly Paced.  Readers are never left confused or left to feel that a puzzle piece is being forced into place.  The author creates a well rounded storyline and keeps the plot twists and clues very well placed and easy to follow.  The book is not action packed--but, readers will never be bored as the author offers so much for them to learn and understand throughout the book.

Would I recommend Deadly Trespass:  A Mystery in Maine?  I have a background in environmental science and this book combined two of my great interests:  protecting the environment and solving a mystery.  I thought the book was very well written with a very well developed plot and satisfying conclusion.  If you enjoy cozy mysteries and books written with a nice emphasis on the environment and the story's setting--this is a wonderful book for your reading list.  I look forward to reading more from this author in the future. 

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Meet the Author


I’ve been chased by moose, river otters, and mad mother partridges. And that’s recent. My seriously unsupervised childhood exploring clam flats, deep forests, and secret streams grew into my mystery/thriller,”Deadly Trespass.”

“Deadly Trespass” has received the national Mystery Writers of America McCloy award, was named a national finalist in the Women’s Fiction Writers Association “Rising Star” contest, a finalist in the international Mslexia novel competition, and in Maine, received Honorable Mention in the Joy of the Pen competition.

The novel is infused with the drama and laughter of various outdoor careers, the sadness of loss, and close encounters with dogs and wildlife. I’ve been a whitewater river outfitter, licensed Maine Guide, co-founder of a coalition to protect the Penobscot River from a dam, and I am the author/editor of “Valuing the Nature of Maine,” and ‘Watching Out for Maine’s Wildlife” (reports that document nature’s economic value).

My ValueNature blog shares research and documentation useful to those who want to prove that the natural world has impressive economic might.

I live on Moosehead Lake with my husband and Labradors and would rather be fly fishing, skiing, paddling, or just generally “out there”–unless I’m writing new stories that guide people to a disappearing world.

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