Reminisce About Your Childhood With A Traditional Family Break

When it comes to family vacations, there is a lot of pressure to jet off abroad and see all of the world’s most amazing locations. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not the destination that makes the trip memorable, it’s the memories that you make along the way.

The chances are that your happiest memories of your childhood are on family vacations with your parents when you were hiking, playing on the beach, or camping under the stars. You can make family memories anywhere, so jetting off abroad isn’t essential for an incredible family trip.

You can create lifelong memories with your kids anywhere - it’s just a case of planning that perfect trip. So, bearing that in mind, below are some hacks for reminiscing about your childhood by planning a traditional family break that is ideal for making lifelong memories with your kids.

Camp under the stars


If there is one holiday that kids love it’s camping. It’s something about the adventure that makes children love to camp. If you are yet to take your little ones camping, this could make the ideal summer getaway. Whether you choose to camp at a campsite close to your home, jazz camping up with glamping, or travel to another state or area to camp, it doesn’t matter; all your children will care about is having an adventure. As part of your trip, plan some adventurous activities; think trail following, fishing, geocaching in the woods, and insect hunting. The best places to camp in the US include Yellowstone National Park, Moab in Utah, Kings Canyon National Park, and Florida Keys.

Go technology free

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Sick and tired of your children spending all of their spare time on their iPads and smartphones? Then why not plan a trip that is technology free? As a child you wouldn’t have had technology while on holiday, so why do your children need it to have a good time? For a trip that’s free from technology, camping is one option but not the only one. Why not take a trip to somewhere that is more traditional, such as Lancaster County, the home of many traditional Amish families? For a family break here there are lots of options, but one of the best of which has to be Bird in Hand, a historic village that offers all manner of things to see and do. There’s plenty of lodging in Bird in Hand, so if you do fancy planning a trip here, you will have lots of accommodation options to choose from. For a break that is free from technology, it’s vital to pick the ideal destination where there is plenty to see and do so that technology isn’t required to have a nice time.

Plan a beach break


What better family holiday is there than a good old-fashioned beach break? Do your kids love to play in the sand and splash about in the sea? Do you have good memories of the beach from your childhood? If the answer is yes, then perhaps a beach break somewhere near your home could be ideal. What better memories can you make as a family than swimming in the sea together, eating ice creams, and building sandcastles?

The chances are that your best childhood memories are of being on vacation (probably somewhere in the US) with your family, having a laugh and doing new things. Just because everyone chooses to go abroad nowadays, that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan an amazing break in your home country that your kids will remember for life, because you can.

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