10 Best Children's Books About Pumpkins

It is October!  Do you know what that means?  We will be surrounded by pumpkin flavors, pumpkin scents, and pumpkin themed arts and crafts until Christmas!  The moment the girls and I move past apple picking season in September; we stumble immediately into pumpkin patches!  One of my favorite ways to get the girls excited about the Fall season is through books.  Over the years, we have gathered almost as many pumpkin themed storybooks as we have pumpkin infused recipes on Pinterest!

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What are some of our favorite pumpkin themed picture books and stories for children?  Here is a list of our choices for the 10 Best Children's Books About Pumpkins!

Too Many Pumpkins

This is such a great book.  Not only will readers learn a lot of uses for a bumper crop of pumpkins--but, it teaches the values of sharing an abundance with others as well.

The Pumpkin Book

As a long (long, long) time STEM mom--this book is perfect for parents who want to teach a little science with the Halloween, pumpkin season.  This is a wonderful book for homeschooling parents--or for parents of younger students wishing to supplement some of the usual, Autumn pumpkin basics from a science standpoint!

Pumpkin Soup

Sometimes.  Things change.  This is a wonderful book to use with younger children or younger gifted children who prefer patterns and are resistant to unexpected changes.  It is also a really cool way to get the kids into the kitchen this fall with a pumpkin soup recipe to go along with the book!

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It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

I may be "dating" myself--but, who doesn't love Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin??  The book shown here follows the movie version that most of us "kids of the 70's-80's" watched every October.  It's a great classic with a fun story that parents will love to share with the kids!

Pumpkin Jack

This is another wonderful, fall story for children who struggle with change.  Families will follow Pumpkin Jack's life cycle--and will be able to work through the science and the emotions involved in watching Jack  change from his Jack-O-Lantern wonder to a garden compost casualty of sorts.  It also offers a number of STEM, supplemental pathways for families exploring composting, plant life cycles, and a garden ecosystem.

The Vanishing Pumpkin 

I love the artwork of Tomie dePaola.  Always.  Strega Nona will always be one of my favorite characters! I think the quirky nature of this story--with the addition of some witches and wizardry make it the perfect October, pumpkin story.

Pumpkin Cat

What a wonderful story of a cat and a mouse working so well together to grow a pumpkin.  This is a wonderful book to (again) teach young readers about teamwork and about a pumpkin's life cycle this fall!

Big Pumpkin 

This is another fun, Halloween story that brings out a witch, a mummy, a vampire and a bat to solve a fall pumpkin dilemma.  I used this story to create interest in baking a pumpkin pie from a minimally carved jack-o-lantern.  Fun way to introduce brain-storming--and remind kids that being the biggest/strongest doesn't always solve a problem.

Where is Baby's Pumpkin?

Okay.  First of all, Karen Katz' Lift The Flap Books are THE best ever for moms of busy babies/toddlers.  I love these books--and all of my girls loved her books as well.  This particular book was only available for my youngest daughter--but, that did not stop the middle one (2 years older) from lifting those flaps and having fun with the book!  I will be honest--my girls did damage the flaps from overuse.

The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin



 This is a short and quick book.  My husband spent months calling our youngest daughter the itsiest of bitsiest--so The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin seemed to make sense for us to check out!  The story is geared toward babies and toddlers with only a few, sturdy board pages.  It is a fun story for your littlest, Halloween "pumpkins".

What are your favorite books about pumpkins?  Leave us a comment--we would love to check them out and include them in our list next year!!

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