A Guide To Parenthood In Your Newborn's First Months

 It’s normal to be over-protective of your first baby at the beginning

Your newborn is here and gone are all the anticipation and nervousness that invaded you prior to the baby’s birth. You are now certain you can be a capable mother and you have the numerous months it will take for the baby to grow from newborn to child to prove this.

A few terrifying thoughts prevail, however, and amongst these are whether you are feeding your child enough, whether your baby is sleeping appropriately and whether it will be able to pronounce its first words sooner rather than later.

In order to aid you in your slightly scary but equally exciting motherhood journey, we have prepared a number of advice for you to follow in what will be the crucial aspects of your kid’s first few months.


As many parents know, putting a newborn to sleep might be a bit of a challenge initially. This is why for the first six months of a baby’s life, most couples decide to have the newborn sleeping in their same room. This is a great idea if you want to monitor your child’s sleeping routine and be reactive should there be any danger to him or her arising throughout the night. Make sure your baby sleeps in his or her own cot, however, as this will aid your kid’s development. If you are worried about your child’s safety, subscribe to Innerparents for great parenting advice on health, nursing and diapering.


Another of the challenges new mothers face when having their first baby is the difficulty they encounter when having to switch from breast- to bottle-feeding. Many mums like introducing the bottle to their child two to three weeks after starting breastfeeding, the reason for this being that if they waited any longer their newborns could end up having problems adapting to the new feeding tool. These bottles will help your child get used to being fed this way faster due to the bottle’s nipple resembling a real one.


Once your baby has made the transition to more solid foods, there are a number of great recipes you can cook for your newborn to enjoy his or her first meals without having to rely on ready-made and often rich-in-additives supermarket food. From sweet potato, carrot and apricot puree to cod and salmon quinoa balls, you can prepare the most delicious meals for your baby to be fed on following these delicious recipes. Say goodbye to boring baby meals and explore healthy and original dishes that your little darling will enjoy!


It is every parent’s fear that their child will not be able to talk as early as his or her peers. A few months after your newborn starts making his or her first verbal sounds, he or she will be able to utter words like mama or dada. This will most likely happen when your child is around the nine month old mark but to make sure you help your baby get these out on time or sooner, here are some tips you could follow.

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