Winter Craft Idea: Rustic Outdoor Edible Holiday Garland for the Birds

As snow begins to fall in our little corner of the world, the girls always want to offer the birds treats outside.  This year, we decide to include the birds in our holiday activities and make them gifts of outdoor, edible, holiday garland just for them.  The supplies needed are simple and the actual activity, while it took a bit of time to thread the popcorn and cranberries onto the string, was easy for the whole family.  Would you like to make your own rustic, outdoor, edible holiday garland that will brighten up your barren landscape and offer the birds a nice surprise?

Supplies for a  Rustic Outdoor Edible Holiday Garland for the Birds

Yarn or Twine
Darning Needles
A Thimble
Popped Popcorn (We popped about 2 cups of popcorn kernals (yielding probably about 10 cups of popped corn) for (4) 3 & 4-foot strings to allow for breakage, snacking, and had some of the popped corn leftover at the end.
Berries (we used about 12 ounces of fresh Cranberries)

Instructions and Tips for making a  Rustic Outdoor Edible Holiday Garland for the Birds

Cut Twine in 2-3 foot lengths.  We worked together as a family stringing shorter lengths of garland individually--and tying them together for the outdoor bushes.  The shorter lengths worked well for the younger kids who grew a little impatient (and a little tired of stringing after a while!)

Knot One End of the Twine and Begin Stringing a Pattern of Popcorn and Berries onto the Twine.    Leave a tail of a few inches beyond the twine knot to allow the pieces to be tied together or tied onto a tree.  It will take a little patience and a bit of practice to get the hang of stringing the popcorn onto the yarn without crushing the pieces--especially for younger crafters. 

Expect to break popcorn.    A lot of Popcorn.  Weave a pattern of popcorn and berries.

Tie the finished ends of the strands, link together and hang outside.     We hung the garland on a bush visible from an upstairs window so that the kids could watch the birds come in for snacks.

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